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MN: Voyageur Press, 1999. Book. Bishop, Nic. Snakes. New York: Scholastic, 2012. Book.

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Thankyou!Currently I am a college student at Georgia State University, majoring in Sound Engineering. I am having difficult time financially. I am a full time student. Please help me. Thanks. I am a 19 year old senior who is heavily involved with church. I have been accepted to New England School of Communications, which is 20,000 a year. I will have to basically do all four years in loans I really dont want to graduate with 80,000 in debt if not more I really need help being directed to any source websites that could possibly help me. I am a white average male. so I am quite limited with the scholarships I am heavily involved with church and within the community. We are divorced parents and our child begins University this coming September possibly UConn.

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Learn to use your mind to focus on the results you want or conversely focus on avoiding what you do not want, and you'll win your prize, loving the process, instead of dreading it. How to Get Started Starting from right now, go get a box of toothpicks or something similar. Match sticks would work too, or marbles, or pencils, small rocks or twigs from the yard. Something small enough you can carry it with you. Whenever you catch yourself starting to say something negative like, "I don't want to . , or, "I hate . ," or "I'm gonna strangle . " Anything negative you catch yourself saying or beginning to say, whether towards yourself or someone else doesn't matter. Start noticing how often you're feeding yourself negative energy. Then, apply the STOP technique as soon as you realize you are doing it, you yell to yourself STOP, and immediately replace what you were saying with something else. Here's what I mean:Yes, it's stiff and forced, at first.

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By doing so platform business models can be a destructive force to traditional, or as the authors of this paper prefer to call them, pipeline business models. When we consider disruptive platform businesses we tend to quickly think about disruptive startups such as Airbnb and Uber. However, the Apple iPhone was just as disruptive to the phone manufacturing industry as Airbnb and Uber were to their respective industries. The authors identify three key shifts a successful platform has to make from a traditional business model. First platforms need to identify that its most valuable resources are likely not tangible assets, but intangible assets. The network, consisting of the community of producers and consumers and all the assets they bring to the table, is the platforms most valuable asset.

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