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the Cookie Monster introduces this week's "exciting tale of international intrigue and suspense starring the famous spy and extremely cool guy, James Bond," in "Doctor No. " The James Bond Muppet seeks out a specialist, Doctor No, for a problem no one else seems able to cure: he can't read the word "no. "The sequence displays an exquisite attentiveness to each hilarious detail: James Bond, with luxuriant black hair, sleuths in sunglasses and a raincoat; behind Doctor No is an eye chart with the word "no" in letters of decreasing size; Alistair Cookie sports a silk ascot and a velvet jacket and sits on a wing chair surrounded by leather bound books and silver framed pictures of fellow Muppets. The humor may not mean much to thumb sucking viewers more familiar with Jack Sprat than with James Bond, but sequences like these have their expensive impact and reinforce the easy fascination with the surfaces and rhythms of popular media. "Me culture," Alistair Cookie mumbles through a mouthful of chocolate chips at the end of "Doctor No. " Indeed.

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To be successful doing courier work you are going to need a reliable van not some "cheap" dodgy one from your mate down the road that will break down every time you look at it. Unless you have savings set aside or some other method of purchasing your van you will probably have to borrow the money. There are various options open to you and you should carry out your research before you commit to anything. Always take into consideration that your van will depreciate over time and this needs to be added to any calculations/forecasts you may have. Before you decide whether or not to buy a new or second hand van sit down and work out how much it is going to cost you in servicing etc. You will be doing many miles in a 12 month period therefore your van is going to need more servicing, parts and tyres.

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Turn to more appealing binds. You can use a special string or plastic comb bind. If you want to have more personalized detailed booklets, you can make use of twine binding. Themes will benefit a lot from this type of binding because it boasts of its own style. 3. Do not be afraid to experiment with inks ?Now is the time to play with different kinds of ink as well. True, when it comes to printing, the four color printing process still dominates but you can actually deliver a different kind of effect if you use unconventional inks. For instance, you can make use of glittery and metallic inks to make certain elements and images in your cover more attention grabbing. There are also neon inks that you can try to make your cover more vibrant and eye catching. To know your options and to guide you in deciding what to use, you can always ask your printing company about the inks that you can employ in your custom booklet. Now, does this make booklet printing fun and liberating or not?4.

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Sanders told the outlet that he has not spoken to Warren about their respective ambitions, but added, I suspect that in the coming weeks and months, there will be discussions. Warren and Sanders recognize that they share the same lane in a presidential race: Theyre both populists dedicated to fighting economic inequality. Splitting the vote and missing the opportunity to elevate that signature issue in presidential politics would be a worse fate than any extinguished personal ambition. But Warren and Sanders are hardly identical progressives. They have markedly different approaches to empowering the working class. In the simplest possible terms, Warren wants to organize markets to benefit workers and consumers, while Sanders wants to overhaul those markets, taking the private sector out of it. This divideand where Warren or Sanderss putative rivals position themselves on itwill determine the future of the Democratic Party for the next decade or more. Warrens suite of policies, rolled out in recent months, all try to reform rules that empower the wealthy at the expense of regular Americans. Her Accountable Capitalism Act would ensure worker representation on corporate boards, and require large corporations to consider all its stakeholdersnot just investors but workers, consumers, and communities of interestin any decision making. Her climate bill would force public companies to disclose climate related risks, giving investors more information to use their money toward sustainable goals. Her housing bill would transfer money for affordable housing to communities that adopt zoning policies to make it easier to build.

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