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I watch comments and likes on the photos posted on the face book. One of my friend posts about the songs he likes, another posts photos with beer cup in his hand. My observations is that when we go to a farmers market we ask our mind questions related to food and when we are watching a game in a stadium we ask questions about the game. We dont usually think of asking our mind how to cool our tension with a nice and fresh fruit from a vegetable market when we are in a crowded stadium. Our mind is processing thoughts and giving us answers to questions that we ask. The questions that we are asking are what drives our behavior and is the key for our success in getting better at everything we to do.

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University of Illinois: Primary and Secondary SourcesUniversity of Maryland: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sources news events hoot creative economy report self service sustainability extension admissions faq explore los angeles housing and residential life your creative future library ben maltz gallery ways to give request viewbook maps / parkingNo, the title of this post is not a misprint or a typo. We are not even three weeks into 2016 and already there has been a deluge of plagiarism scandals and stories, so much so that even I am struggling to keep up. Since the stories have been so rapid fire these past few weeks and Ill likely be covering some of them in more depth on the iThenticate and WriteCheck blogs, I wanted to take a moment here to briefly go over whats been going on and what the likely next steps are in the biggest plagiarism stories of 2016, so far. Kenny Florian is a former mixed martial arts MMA competitor who, since his retirement, has served as an MMA commentator for FOX Sports and their site FOXSports. com. On January 11, Florian posted an analysis of a then upcoming fight between Ultimate Fighting Championships Bantamweight title holder T. J. Dillashaw and challenger Dominick Cruz. A Twitter user noticed similarities between text in that article and a YouTube video created by boxing analyst Lee Wylie. Florian quickly apologized for the plagiarism, calling it an error. Despite the quick apology, the controversy continued to gain steam and FOX Sports suspended Florian for an indefinite amount of time.

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All of this might sound complicated, but it really is not. Lets now take a look at the process from the e zine publishing point of view. The feed should be promoted directly below the e mail subscription box, serving simply as an alternative to e mail delivery. Visitors have the choice of subscribing either via e mail or RSS. What you basically need to do is practically take the same presentation and format that you already prepared for the e mail e zine and place it online for anyone to see. After clicking on the title they are taken to the web version of the same e zine that was also delivered via e mail. D THE TECHNOLOGY As you can see this is a simple process and it only takes about 5 minutes more to do than just doing an e mail version, and it will ensure that your content is now accessible to all those that prefer RSS to e mail, it will generate additional exposure for your content by being included in RSS search engines and directories and it will generate more search engine visibility for you. The best part is that the technology to publish an RSS feed in such a way is widely available and there are quite a few tools to choose from. If simple e zine delivery via RSS is your starting goal, a desktop solution should work very nicely. Just try out , which is the market leader in this category, or the less advanced but free eedSpring. html.

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In this particular case, it is used to split the input variables/features as well target into training and testing phase. 5. As mentioned earlier, Pandas is used to read the data from csv file. This is implemented using read csv function of pandas6. X is input features named as variace, skewness, curtosis and entropy. These are stores in X using loc function of dataframe. Loc slice the data based on column names. In the same way,7 indicates slicing of target from the dataset using the same function. Note: variace, skewness, curtosis, entropy and class are the names of dataframe columns where first four are the features and last is the target. Since the dataset has targets, this is supervised problem. 8.

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