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Keep good records. Compile the records of dates and hours worked and the nature of the services rendered. Review your project agreement or service contract to refresh your memory about the specific terms. Verify the name and address. Include the client billing reference number, if there is one. Include your own file reference number, if applicable.

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Adult Height: Between 8 12 inchesAdult Weight: Between 10 20 poundsLife Expectancy: Between 14 16 yearsThis furball is very similar looking to a teddy bear. They have the big button eyes and a button nose and can be lifted and cuddled easily. Their coat can range in color to all white, all black, a mixture of brown and white, or black and white. While these are the common colors, variations may be encountered. They have a double coat. A fine, soft undercoat, and a fluffy outer coat that is very soft to the touch.

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Overall, bachelor's, master's, professional and doctoral degrees allow graduates the opportunity to greatly enhance their wage earning potential beyond what they might have earned with merely an associate's degree or lessespecially in the long run. Figure 1 provides a rough illustration of the differences in the cumulative lifetime earnings for full time year round workers with different terminal degree levels, assuming a 40 year career from age 25 through 64. We see that associate's degree graduates can expect to earn a total of $361,000 or about 22 percent more than high school graduates between the ages of 25 and 34. Three decades later, we expect that associate's degree graduates would now have earned a total of $1. 1 million, compared to $910,000 for high school graduatesstill roughly a 22 percent increment. However, when comparing graduates with a bachelor's degree or higher to associate's degree graduates, we see a 45 percent advantage in cumulative earnings by age 35$524,000 compared to $361,000and this gap in earnings widens considerably more over the life course. By retirement, graduates with bachelor's and advanced degrees can expect to have earned an average total of $1. 8 million while associate's degree graduates only reach $1. 1 milliona 61 percent advantage. The increased lifetime earnings by degree level are remarkably different for women compared to men. Figure 2 suggests that women have an important financial incentive to achieving higher levels of education: only women with a bachelor's degree or higher are likely to earn more over their careers $1.

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It is not easy to get a conversation going on a book, whose subject matter is as difficult and sensitive as death. But Guy Kennaway, British author of five books, including the popular One People, keeps it light because he insists he writes only to delight. True to his style, his latest book Time to Go celebrates honesty and humour as he explores assisted dying. Euthanasia is not just a medical idea but a moral, emotional, intellectual and practical maze that offers the option to choose the manner and time to die. Kennaway goes deeper when his 88 year old mother asks him to kill her because she is afraid that she may slip into infantilised catatonia in laypersons language: a second childhood. The son doesnt find the mother infirm or ill and doesnt seek medical help. Rather, he sees a good project in her wish because, he jokes, there was a period when he fancied the idea of killing one of the most vexatious women hed ever met. When Kennaway starts taking notes, the conversations with his mother are profound, funny, reminiscent, free and centred around when and how to make her final exit. He says that talking about incidents both shared and suffered, melted away the fractious relationship between the two. And Time to Go turned into a poignant account of ageing and ailments, depression and helplessness. Yet Kennaway, with his comic timing and style of writing makes it a book of hope that pushes people to re think the rights of the elderly.

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That may only subject the victim to greater scrutiny and skepticism. Problems arise when the terms of the compact between survivor and journalist are not spelled out. Kristen Lombardi, who spent a year and a half reporting the Center for Public Integritys series on campus assault, said she made it explicit to the women she interviewed that the reporting process required her to obtain documents, collect evidence and talk to as many people involved in the case as possible, including the accused. She prefaced her interviews by assuring the women that she believed in them but that it was in their best interest to make sure there were no questions about the veracity of their accounts. She also allowed victims some control, including determining the time, place and pace of their interviews. Corroborating survivor accounts. Walt Bogdanich, a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter for The New York Times who has spent the past two years reporting on campus said he tries to track down every available shred of corroborating evidence hospital records, 911 calls, text messages or emails that have been sent immediately after the assault. In some cases, it can be possible to obtain video, either from security cameras or from cellphones. Many assaults take place or begin in semipublic places such as bars, parties or fraternity houses. Campus violence probably has more witnesses, bystanders, etc. than violence in other contexts, said Elana Newman, a University of Tulsa psychology professor who has advised journalists on trauma.

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