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Your end user license agreement is the document that governs your relationship with your users. Among other things, it grants your users the right to use your application and sets out any limitations you want to impose on how it can be used. Like any license agreement, your EULA can grant narrow or broad rights depending on your goals. Most app developers will want to grant users only a very narrow license that limits the users to just using your application, but not modifying or redistributing it. This model is to some extent baked in to the App Store, since Apple embeds technological restrictions on users' ability to share apps with others. The purpose of this chapter is to provide a framework for goal setting in a large, complex organization.

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For at one point he talks of the sum total of these relations of production as the real basis on which arises a political and legal superstructure. But he says earlier that relations of production . correspond to a definite form of development of their material productive forces, and he goes on to contrast the material transformation of the material conditions of production, which can be determined with the precision of natural science and legal, political, religious, aesthetic, or philosophical forms. It is the material productive forces which come into conflict with the existing relations of production. In fact he is not making a single distinction in the Critique between base and superstructure. Two distinctions are involved. There is the distinction between the forces of production and the relations of production. And then there is the distinction between the relations of production and the remaining social relations. The reason for the confusion is this. The base is the combination of forces and relations of production. But one of the elements in this combination is more basic than the other.

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Reemerging diseases are those, like cholera, that were once decreasing but are now rapidly increasing again. These are often conventionally understood and well recognized public health threats for which in most cases previously active public health measures had been allowed to lapse, a situation that unfortunately now applies all too often in both developing countries and the inner cities of the industrialized world. The appearance of reemerging diseases may, therefore, often be a sign of the breakdown of public health measures and should be a warning against complacency in the war against infectious diseases. Cholera, for example, has recently been raging in South America for the first time in this century 50 and Africa. The rapid spread of cholera in South America may have been abetted by recent reductions in chlorine levels used to treat water supplies 34. The success of cholera and other enteric diseases is often due to the lack of a reliable water supply. These problems are more severe in developing countries, but are not confined to these areas. The U. S. outbreak of waterborne Cryptosporidium infection in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the spring of 1993, with over 400,000 estimated cases, was in part due to a nonfunctioning water filtration plant 51; similar deficiencies in water purification have been found in other cities in the United States 52. In his accompanying article, Dr.

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