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For the first Delegates Assembly, the delegates elected by the Faculty Council shall be elected at a provisional General Assembly. Japanese technology entrepreneur Ken Fukazawa was in San Francisco in March when his geeky friends told him about something awesome coming up in Los Angeles. Walt Disney Co. was opening its doors to selected start ups for a summer of intensive mentoring. Fukazawa couldnt think of anything better to help his company grow than the brand that he had fallen in with as a child. His three person company, Tyffon, moved into Disney offices in June, ready to improve a suite of apps that add spooky animations to photos. Funding, ideas and workers are flowing into the Southland at record levels as thousands of entrepreneurs across a broad range of industries leverage the Internet to reshape how people shop, chat, watch and play. But over the last three years, Hollywoods embrace of start ups such as Tyffon has become the most powerful magnet attracting technology entrepreneurs to set up in the Southland. In fact, Southern California is now the nations fastest growing hub for start ups. The entertainment industry, with its mad rush into digital distribution and its reservoirs of cash, creative talent and glamour, is the key driver. Netflix Inc.

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Eddie Dawson of Greensboro, N. C. , Norton editor Evan Thomas, editors with Omni Magazine, and writer and editor Penelope Coker Hall. Of interest are a 4 June 1981 memorandum from Reston regarding "Informants or Provacateurs?A New Look at the Greensboro Shootout" and the accompanying materials related to the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazi Party, and the Greensboro Massacre. Includes chronologies of activities for police informant Eddie Dawson, ATF agent Bernard Butkovitch, and District Attorney Michael Schlosser. Also of interest is a 19 September 1981 letter about the book from Susan Ashby of San Jose, Calif.

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What was Khan's skimming compared with all that?And unlike the generals, who tended to lose every fight they provoked, Khan had delivered on his words. Still, the idolization was excessive. I went to see another famous Pakistani who had received much of the same. He was Imran Khan, the Oxford educated scion of a wealthy family, who had captained the greatest ever Pakistani cricket team, had led it to multiple victories over the Indians, and in 1992 had capped his athletic career with a World Cup. The Subcontinent is so crazy for cricket that it essentially shuts down during important matches. Imran Khan, now fifty three, is a tall and handsome man whose reputation for integrityalready stronghas been enhanced by his public denunciations of political corruption and by his founding of a large cancer hospital for the poor in Lahore. But that was not the point of my visit. Instead I wanted to talk to him about A. Q. Khan, and more generally about the nature of fame in Pakistan. I said, "It seems so extreme.

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H. I. Park, J. Ni, F. E. Gerkema, L. Ding, V. E. Belozerov, and Q. X. Sang.

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