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The assessment both the task and the evaluation is intended to be an integral feature of classroom instructional activities. Students are given the scoring rubrics to guide their own work and to gauge their performance. The teacher assesses student performance at the completion of the task. Park Elementary's Primary Learning Record provides another example of an assessment technique that has been thoroughly integrated into daily teaching practices. Teachers regularly take notes on students' in class speaking, reading, and listening behaviors and analyze them later to plan future instructional activities. Arizona's, Kentucky's, Maryland's, and Prince William County's on demand tasks are part of performance assessments that are not integrated into the classroom. Students have no prior knowledge of what tasks to expect, and scoring occurs outside the purview of the teacher and the student. Linkages to Standards. Assessments also differ in how closely they are aligned with content and performance standards. Some assessments have been designed to be closely linked with the state, district, or school curricular guidelines, while others are still in the process of being linked. Maryland's performance assessments are designed to reflect the state's content and performance standards.

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Professor Archibald McDonald Pro Vice Chancellor and Principal UWI, Mona CampusWhile women are now more likely to complete four year college degrees than men,1 it is less clear whether their higher levels of education will translate into closing the wage gap. Using synthetic lifetime earnings calculations, this article underscores the fact that men still earn considerably more than women at all levels of education. We also see that, while women seem more likely to complete degrees in fields that are associated with relatively low lifetime earnings such as education, men still receive substantially higher incomes than women with similar educational backgrounds. To meet the challenge of calculating lifetime earnings, this study follows a similar synthetic estimation strategy used by the Census Bureau2 but with one important differencefuture earnings are discounted at a rate of 3 percent per year to reflect the time value of money. More details are available in the methodology section at the end of this report. Overall, bachelor's, master's, professional and doctoral degrees allow graduates the opportunity to greatly enhance their wage earning potential beyond what they might have earned with merely an associate's degree or lessespecially in the long run. Figure 1 provides a rough illustration of the differences in the cumulative lifetime earnings for full time year round workers with different terminal degree levels, assuming a 40 year career from age 25 through 64. We see that associate's degree graduates can expect to earn a total of $361,000 or about 22 percent more than high school graduates between the ages of 25 and 34. Three decades later, we expect that associate's degree graduates would now have earned a total of $1. 1 million, compared to $910,000 for high school graduatesstill roughly a 22 percent increment. However, when comparing graduates with a bachelor's degree or higher to associate's degree graduates, we see a 45 percent advantage in cumulative earnings by age 35$524,000 compared to $361,000and this gap in earnings widens considerably more over the life course.

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It wasnt long before Google pulled the plug after I wrote a critical article about their Orwellian tactics. Being a capitalist at heart, it was gratifying to earn a few bucks from my writing, but it is like getting punched in the gut when these left wing goliath social media companies ban you from their ad platforms. Over the next several years at least a half dozen ad companies have abruptly pulled the plug on TBP with no warning and no chance to respond. I can honestly say it is depressing when you work 365 days per year trying to keep a blog interesting and lively, and the rug is pulled out beneath you when the modest amount of income you were generating is gone in an instant. The goal of the SJWs who complain to the left wing internet media conglomerates about my site is to shut me down and shut me up. They dont want dissent from their fake news narrative. They dont want my site to infect too many people with the truth. They are worried truth telling, fact based sites like mine will undermine the establishment and create resistance to their agenda of control. The undermining of my revenue streams has temporarily taken the wind out of my sails, but every time they have knocked me down, Ive found alternative advertisers and my dedicated TBP family have picked me up with their generous donations. As this Fourth Turning has progressed or regressed is more fitting Ive found myself becoming more and more detached from the daily minutia. For years I would scour every BLS, BEA or Census report from the government apparatchiks and methodically and sarcastically skewer their fake data narratives.

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Rajasekaran, EditorNEW PERSPECTIVES IN ELT 2018Selected Papers from the National Seminar on New Perspectives in ELT Conducted by the Department of EnglishTheni Kammavar Sangam College of Technology, Theni 625534Tamilnadu, India . Editors: D. Nagarathinam, Ph. D. , and R. Vani, M. A. , M. Phil. Annamalai UniversityDepartment of EnglishSelect Papers from the National Seminar on Subaltern Literature: Resistance and ReconstructionIndian Writing in English: A Subaltern Perspective . Editor: Dr.

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