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Going forward we then recommend that they attend the above mentioned Refresher training on a yearly basis so that they can be properly informed of any new policies or procedures that have been implemented. 8i Q: Last week you held a webinar on the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service that meets the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act AODA requirements. Does everyone that works with children, youth and vulnerable persons need to take this training?What if I missed this training?A: Yes, it is a required training that any business or organization including churches in Ontario that provides goods or services to the public must add to their policies and procedures and provide training to their representative staff and volunteers. Please see the link provided for more specific information regarding the AODA requirements and how it affects your organization hereA: Distribution of policies is important for your personnel to get a head start on your organizations specific requirements for abuse prevention. The policies do not replace the discussion that takes place during the training seminar, the explanation of the policies and prevention procedures, and the illustrations that help to put the policies into perspective. Many insurance companies are now requiring annual training for all personnel. We have provided you recommended training schedules, templates, PowerPoint presentations and contact information for securing needed resources. Check our website for online training options and an overview of our Certification Training for Trainers. A: The best training option is to hold on site, face to face training in a group setting where there is opportunity for interaction and discussion and a walk through of your facilities. We would encourage you to pursue the highest level of training for your personnel, and avoid shortcuts. However, in the rare occasion when individuals cannot attend the scheduled group training seminar, we would encourage the lead to meet individually with the prospective personnel and supervise the watching of the training video/DVD.

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