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Lewat buku Gunung, seperti pasak, berakar di dalam tanah itu, Press mengungkapkan apabila gunung dibelah berbentuk irisan maka akan terlihat akar atau alur bersama lava yang mengikat kuat di dasar tanah. Ia juga mengungkapkan fungsi gunung yang memainkan peran penting dalam menstabilkan kerak bumi. Hasil penelitian ilmiah itu sebenarnya sudah disebut dalam kitab suci Alquran, sejak 1400 tahun yang lalu. Penemuan Press itu membuktikan bahwa Alquran adalah mukjizat dan firman Allah SWT. Simaklah Alquran surah Al Anbiya ayat 31:Dan telah Kami jadikan di bumi ini gunung gunung yang kokoh supaya bumi itu tidak goncang bersama merekaDalam surah Al Naba ayat 6 7, Allah SWT berfirman,Bukankan telah Kami jadikan bumi sebagai hamparan. Dan Kami jadikan gunung gunung sebagai pasak?Jadi gunung inilah yang berfungsi sebagai pasak untuk menstabilkan kerak bumi, ungkap Prof Press.

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Now here I stand, at 23 years of age, facing yet another battle, to be the second person in my family to go to college my mom being the first and come out with a degree. It suddenly occurred to me that this should be no where near as difficult a battle as fighting cancer at the age of 16. There must be an organization out there able and willing to put a 23 year old cancer survivor with a 4. 0 GPA through college. PLEASE HELP!Im a kenyan ageg 37yrs married advancing my education, wish to humbly request for your assistance to enable me realize my dream. Im student at Kenya Methodist University. Student Number BML133603/2010. Password 18332. Im pursuing BSC MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE. You can visit University website and confirm my detail. Go to student online registration then enter student portal and enter the student number above and the password to get more about me .

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But the depth to which effluent is being delivered 4' or more means that the sewage effluent is unlikely to be fully treated by a biomass. These systems may successfully "dispose" of effluent but they are probably not adequately "treating" it. to SEPTIC SOIL and PERC TESTS, trench dimensions, loading in gpd per foot. e. g. , moderately limited perc rate of 5 10 min/inch has max sewage loading rate to trench and bed bottom of 1 gallon per square foot per day per trench and . 5 gal per bed. The Biomat: The formation, clogging, and measures to protect and extend the life of the biomat, or organism layer below and around soil absorption system effluent discharge piping is discussed To build a mound system, extra soil is brought to a site and sculpted to form a drainfield of adequate thickness and area. These systems are common where soils are rocky or where there simply is not enough soil above the local water table to provide adequate absorption. A mound system may be fed by gravity at some sites but it's also common for the effluent to reach the mound by having been "pumped up" from a septic tank. Pump up to elevations higher than the building main drain exit and some septic mound systems use a single or duplexed pump either in a clear baffled section of the tank, or in a separate effluent pumping chamber.

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Because initial codes are grounded in the interview texts, a great variety of codes does exist, often times coding similar statements in different words. Due to allocating incidents to already existing codes and focusing the coding on the relevant aspects emerging from the analysis, codes per interview decreased. Further codes were included creating sub and umbrella codes, the first step of categorisation. The complete codebook can be found in the appendix A1, also quoting the respective paragraphs. Due to the fact that the chosen participants are German and their mastering of English would not have been sufficient enough to express their views and opinions, the interviews had to be conducted in German. The most important segments of each interview have been translated for the illustration and discussion of the interviews content in 4. 2 Interviews. Referring to 3. 2. 1 Data Collection, the rationale for collecting primary data for this work was already pointed out by the author, including the issue of pre determined participants attributes. The first interview was taped August 6th, 2009.

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