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IACIS is not responsible for any outside expenses e. g. travel and accommodation in the event of the training event being cancelled. Anyone who paid for training will receive complimentary membership through the year that his/her training takes place. Academic integrity is a quality that demonstrates values such as honesty, fairness and respect for others and their work. Academic integrity is evident by the behaviours we exhibit. In order to demonstrate academic integrity, you must be able to demonstrate for example originality independent thinking and criticality critical thinking, which you will be supported to develop whilst you complete your studies. You will demonstrate academic integrity by producing your own work, clearly acknowledging any material that has been included from other sources or through collaboration. Academic misconduct is a breach of the values of academic integrity, and can occur when a student cheats in an assessment, or attempts to deliberately mislead an examiner that the work presented is their own when it is not. It includes, but is not limited to, plagiarism, commissioning or buying work from a third party or copying the work of others. Hear from our Graduate Academic Assistants on the importance of Academic Integrity: Demonstrating academic integrity is a highly valued graduate attribute as it shows that you work in a professional and ethical way.

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Once drivers reach the age of twenty five, their insurance rates tend to drop. Studies also show that married drivers tend to have better driving records, which is also reflected in the insurance rates. Having a good driving record is also very important for your car insurance rates low. Each reported traffic infraction, DUI or accident that a driver has goes on their record. Drivers who have traffic infractions, DUIs, and a history of at fault accidents, pay more for insurance than those who do not. It is a good idea to get a copy of your driver's record and review it to ensure that it is accurate.

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We can also break it down based on an article count as well, which translates to roughly three 1400 word articles per month for the average writer. Those publishing estimates may not seem like much but it is still a ton of work just to make the minimum wage each month. According to a study by Contently, almost 40% of their freelance sample made less than $10k last year. And even worse, 23% of full time freelancers made less than $10k in the same time span. The minimum wage gives employees an income of about $15k per year, give or take a few thousand dollars depending on the state. But if those findings from Contently correctly represent freelance writers, about one in four freelance writers earned less than minimum wage last year. Contentlys findings on the medium income for freelance writers put it firmly between 10k and 20k for all freelancers. This gives more credence to our belief that a large chunk of freelance writers made less than minimum wage for their efforts. To be honest, those are not promising statistics if you are looking to become a freelance writerand in the next section things will look even worse. After scouring the web for a consistent figure for the average hourly wage of a freelance writer, we gave up. It varied from $20 to $30 per hour on average but there was no exact number to be found.

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After that they increased their wager to 312,000 individual tickets per roll down, ultimately going as high as 360,000 ticketsa $720,000 bet on a single drawing. At first, Marge found these figures terrifyingit was more than they had ever risked in Michiganbut after a while she got used to it. You know, you think of this as money, Marge recalled, but pretty soon you never really look. Its just numbers. Its just numbers on a piece of paper. She grew friendly with other customers, chatting about her kids and the weather as if she had lived in Massachusetts all her life. Mardas came to think of her and Jerry as part of his family. Theyre salt of the earth kind of people, he said. Genuine. He was also amazed by their frugality. I said to Marge, You guys should go on a cruise or something.

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