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S. Business, accessed October 7, 2011, mall business is the great generator of jobs. Recent data indicate that small businesses produced 64 percent of the net new jobs from 1993 to the third quarter of 2008. Statistics of U. S. Businesses, US Census Bureau, April 13, 2010, accessed October 7, 2011, .

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Collective bargaining plays a pivotal role in protecting academic freedoms and quality education in Nova Scotia, and it should never be at risk. Students and workers are the whistle blowers for administrative malpractice at our universities. This Bill will muzzle internal criticism and give university administrators an easy way out if they jeopardize the fiscal health of their institutions through mismanagement. We called for financial oversight during the university consultation last fall to ensure that money is not diverted from universities core operating budget, which fund academic programs, to capital investment, administrative compensation, and other non academic budgets. Bill 100 does not reflect this key concern. It substitutes generic accountability to the taxpayer political advertising for educational priorities. Do we want a post secondary education system that primarily satisfies business interests, or one that educates people?In giving Universities these unprecedented powers with this Bill, the McNeil Liberals are once again attacking workers, while at the same time, eroding the relative autonomy of our Universities. How many court challenges and Supreme Court of Canada decisions will it take for this Government to realise that the right to strike is a Constitutional Right?In conclusion, Section 8 and any references to it in Bill 100 must be scrapped. As the government is clearly rushing to end the Spring Sitting of the Legislature, the best immediate step to take would be to table the Bill so that there can be full and broad public consultation before it goes any further in the legislative process. Deedee Slye, NSGEU: 902. 497.

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Serving a FD as a volunteer is secondary. This article makes some assume the FD is neglect in its protective actions to fight off COVID. A person who is also a firefighter in Tisbury tested positive and the FD is taking action to suppress further impact would be a more appropriate choice of words. After spending 16 years serving beside local ffs I am happy not to be doing it through this. I would like to thank all ffs, EMTs and paramedics for all they do for us!Hopefully, mutual aid will fill the gap if need arises. Wishing the affected firefighter a good and quick recovery with none of the post Covid effects. The Island boards of health are investigating a cluster of COVID 19 cases from a private event earlier this month. See MoreSee LessWhy are you all fighting with each other ?It's a virus, it cares nothing of who you are. Work together people, we are better than this 3rd grade nonsense. Any reckless host of a party or similar gathering should be subject to civil damages and their identity should not be hidden from the public using privacy concerns as a reason.

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That crowd just had to continue the whole Cold War effort after 1989, without any Communist enemy trying to encircle the globe any longer. So, they would just make up the enemies as they went along, and thats whats been happening for 3 decades now. This crowd is mostly NEOCONS now, people who were never conservative during the cold war. Many of this crowd were yelling at rallies for the US to unilaterally disarm back in the 70s and 80s. Well, they were young and stupid then. Now they are old and evil.

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