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e. 35% of them spend Rs. 500 1500 for shopping through online stores and 38% of PG students spend about Rs. 1500 2500. 3. 28% of UG students purchase 1 or 2 3 items per year and 30% of PG students purchase 2 3 items per year through online shopping stores. 4. 30% of UG students buy products from online stores because of the wide variety of products available there and 32% of PG students do online shopping because of various payment options available. 5. Majority of UG and PG students 28%and 35% confirm that products guarantee is not assured through online shopping. 6.

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You are destroying your reputation as honest journalism each and every time you do something like this. Why shouldn't her credibility be established?She is making damning accusations dating back 36 years. Regardless of the genders of the parties involved and the nature of the incident, with no corroborating witness, this still boils down to "she said , he said". To be fair there is really not much else you can do but try to establish the relative veracity of the two people involved. It seems that "fairness" is not the goal of extremists on either side. It's strictly about the outcome going their way. @Psst Ms. Mitchell was right to ask about the test, based on Dr. Ford's expertise as a psychologist. When I hearing that she took and passed a polygraph, I thought, "She's a psychologist, doesn't she know how those work?"I'm sorry, but those who "believe" Ford need to understand that polygraphs are not valid and they are not reliable. The psych literature is full of research papers on this.

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