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Be happy you've had the opportunity to experience those things and those people they are what make up many of the blessings of your life. A lot of people would give all they have to experience those people and those things as well. Reflect on them. Enjoy them. But be warned. Joy, strength, security and self esteem don't come by way of external things or reliance on other people. What happens when your child grows up and you rarely see him?Will you still smile?What happens when your job and bank are downsized?Will you still feel secure?And what happens when your mate or parent dies we all do eventually?Will you still feel secure and good about yourself?I don't ask these things to be morbid or to impact your gratefulness about your life. I say these things to remind you of one very important thing: Joy, strength, security and self esteem come from within. They come from believing in something or Someone higher than yourself. They come from personal self development, life lessons learned and your personal commitment to get the most out of life. Simply put, remember this: be grateful for all those who have made your life unique.

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While I agree completely about correct semantics you try explaining that to a potential customer. You wont. All they are interested in is cost and end results, and shouldnt we all?Semantics arent going to pay the bills. Any front end dev worth his or her salt will already be well versed with semantics with HTML 4 and it seems like all HTML 5 delivers is new tags which have been named after the most common class names we use on divs anyway. Whats the point in that?Another step in completing the site, another potential thing that can go wrong, and another thing that you will have to bill youre client for that they wont understand or see the benefit of. A div will do. @Rich: The new elements enable user agents to easily identify the purpose of content on a page, rather than trying to guess based on more arbitrarily named ids and classes. While it is true to say many developers have become accustomed to using appropriate names for their classes, not everyone does and the chosen names most certainly dont aways match. The fix for older browsers is pretty stable now, keep the shiv in your base template and you dont really have to think about it. Using the correct elements in your mark up will become second nature, taking the same of less amount of time to use as a div+id/class combo. Your clients might not appreciate it, but rarely is the cleanliness of HTML for their benefit.

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To freely uphold, develop and strengthen their identity, feeling of belonging, ancestral traditions and forms of social organization. 2. To not be the target of racism or any form of discrimination based on their origin or ethnic or cultural identity. 3. To recognition, reparation and compensation for community groups affected by racism, xenophobia and other related forms of intolerance and discrimination. 4. Anthora Cup, c. 2008 4" x 3. 75" dia; 10 oz. ceramic version of the original paper cup designed by Leslie Buck of the Sherri Cup Co. The ceramic version is licensed from Sweetheart Cup Company, Inc.

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gwu. edu/nsarchiv, the national securityarchive, the archive is simultaneously a research institute oninternational affairs, a library and archive of declassified u. s. documents obtained through the freedom of information act humanities. uchicago. edu/forms unrest/roget. html,roget's thesaurus, look up synonyms online courtesy of artfl. ilt. columbia. edu/publications/artistotle. html,institute for learning technologies, aristotle's ten parttreatiseinfoplease.

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