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"We've got a lot of drivers, so unfortunately the law of mathematics is that occasionally we may have somebody who doesn't understand for whatever reason," Plouffe said. "Sometimes we've seen instances where people say, 'well I've got leather seats and I don't want a dog on them. ' That's just not okay. "Lyft's terms of service is similar to Uber's. It has policies that forbid discrimination and expect drivers to accommodate wheelchairs and service animals. Drivers that violate Lyft's policies also may face deactivation from the service. Still, Uber and Lyft's training is minimal compared to that offered by the established taxi industry. Most cab companies require mandatory training on ADA compliance, according to Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Association trade group. For example, Chicago taxi drivers are required to take classes to learn about service dogs, according to Beth Finke, who is the interactive community coordinator at the disability advocacy organization Easter Seals. Some Uber and Lyft drivers say the companies haven't done enough to make drivers aware of non discrimination policies. "Since Uber doesn't provide much training in the first place, many drivers are left to figure it out and often feel like they're thrown to the wolves, especially when first starting," said Harry Campbell, a driver for both Uber and Lyft who authors a popular blog with tips for drivers.

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