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The Eyetrack III study literally looked through the eyes of 46 people to learn how they see online news. In this overview article, they review the study's key findings. LOCKSS Programhe LOCKSS Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe Program is an inexpensive, practical solution to digital preservation and access. The foundation of a library is its collections. If libraries fail to build digital collections they will cease to be libraries. Without libraries society loses one of its two memory organizations the other being museums.

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15 The plaintiffs argument was that the law is now causing damage to the plaintiffs because patrons of their schools are already seeking schools in other states and the plaintiffs are prevented from carrying out improvements required by the normal development of their schools. 16 A week later, new arguments were filed in the brief: first, that the bill violated the constitution of the state of Oregon, Section 20 of Article IV; and second, that it would introduce undue economic hardship to Oregon taxpayers to accommodate the new ruling. 17 After three months, the Federal Court ruled unanimously that the new law be declared void, on the grounds of violating the United States Constitution, basing their decision on the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution which guarantees the liberty of schools to teach and the right of parents to enroll their children where they wish. 18 The bill was then taken to the United States Supreme Court, who also ruled it unconstitutional, although not before Washington voters voted on Initiative 49 in 1924. The initial success of anti Catholic organizing in Oregon motivated the Klan to spread into Washington and see if similar legislation could be passed there. The leader of the Ku Klux Klan in Oregon, Luther Ivan Powell, moved to Washington in order to organize a strong Klan force in the state, declaring himself King Kleagle of Washington and Idaho. 19 Due to Powells efforts, there was an increase in Klan membership in the state and the subsequent drafting of Initiative 49, modeled after Oregons School Bill. Unlike in Oregon, in Washington, the Ku Klux Klan themselves drafted the bill and put it on the ballot; the measure was often referred to as the, K. K. K. Anti School Bill.

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For municipalities requiring certification of septic test providers, home inspectors should consult with local officials for further advice. Note: some authorities, such as New Jersey Administrative Code 7:9 3. 17 b5 require septic system evaluations to be performed only by a licensed professional engineer, licensed health officer, licensed sanitary engineer, or trained technician under supervision of the septic system inspector as defined in the pertinent code. However our review of these codes finds them probably unenforceable since in some instances the codes contradict themselves see quote below or the code agencies provide homeowner pamphlets calling for annual inspections which are made by the homeowner him or her self. "All testing of operating systems which requires a hydraulic loading which is in excess of the design flow shall be performed under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer. " New Jersey EPA, Sub 12, 7:9A 12. 7 System Testing. " Some codes also require that the details of the septic evaluation procedure itself be included in the report. This level of inspection is typically provided during a "home inspection" for real estate transactions. It pumping may not be appropriate if the system is a recent installation less than 2 years old, or if it has been recently pumped a year or less, perhaps more depending on tank size and building occupancy, and if there are not other historical or site observations raising question about the system condition. The septic loading and dye test procedure, data to be recorded, and minimum quantities of water and septic dye needed are discussed in a separate chapter at Septic Loading and Dye Test Procedure Details a chapter of this text "Inspecting, Testing, and Maintaining Residential Septic Systems".

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A. September 2011. A study on Malaysian language learners perception towards learning Arabic via online games. GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies Volume 113. computer games on primary school students achievement and motivation in geography learning. Computer and Education. Wang, F. , Kinzie, M. , McGuire, P. , and Pan, E. 2009.

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