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The EWG also found that nearly 32,000 Americans received drinking water containing nitrogen at levels exceeding the EPAs threshold of 10 ppm a limit set more than 55 years ago. Nor is it cheap for consumers to filter out chemicals like nitrates themselves, explained Anne Weir Schechinger, EWGs senior economic analyst. As an example, the Iowan utility tackling elevated drinking water nitrate levels is reportedly spending $15 million to expand its filtration technology. Thats why we want to make sure our audience has more resources so they can protect themselves if the EPA isnt going to, Weir Schechinger said, pointing to EWGs drinking water database. The American Farm Bureau Federation disputes EWGs findings, and points to what it regards as inadequate evidence of carcinogenicity in drinking water. We are not impressed with this effort, nor the quality of EWGs reports across the board, said Will Rodger in an email.

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Look for long tail keywords that have volume but not super high competition. If you have a specific niche market, you may find that there is less content on the web about your topic, making your evergreens even more valuable. These are pieces that would be considered evergreen content because the topics will continue to be relevant into the foreseeable future. These sites publish huge quantities of evergreen articles on a wide variety of topics. Wikipedia, for example, ranks on the first page for almost half of all Google searches!However, in an effort to churn out pieces, some of these evergreen sites end up producing low quality articles. Its good to visit these sites not only to see good examples of evergreens, but also to investigate how some of these sites are lacking, and what you could write to improve them. Evergreen content is a valuable part of a good content marketing strategy for the web, but it becomes even more powerful when combined with SEO techniques. Consider basing your evergreen pieces around keywords youd like your site to rank on. Even the most lasting evergreen piece isnt worth much if people arent searching for that topic or if it doesnt relate to your business, so do your keyword research. Be sure to follow basic SEO techniques like on page keyword optimization but not keyword stuffing!, making use of your images alt text, and including social sharing buttons. The more search friendly your evergreen article is, the more it can be seen, shared, and linked, driving traffic for months or even years to come.

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Some of the types have been physically painful, others have been soothing, but none of the therapists have tried counselling at the same time as treatment and for that I am grateful. After many years of talk therapy I have begun to realize that the stories I tell myself need to be changed. Furthermore the ways in which I absorb the pain of others needs to be addressed. Susan Wendell The Rejected Body Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disabilities calls this channelling other peoples pain. We cant undo the life traumas that have affected our nervous systembrain/mind/consciousness, but we can try to understand how we are not completely helpless and doomed to a life of turmoil without a sense of hope. We do not have to care about other peoples happiness to the exclusion of our own healthy mind set.

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Our investigation of attention has several motivations. Our first motivation is that patterns in attention are a window into information dependent utility. Karlsson, Loewenstein, and Seppi 2009 present a decision theoretic model of optimal attention for investors whose utility depends, in part, directly on information. Investors feel good when their portfolio increases in value and bad when its value drops, and attention amplifies the hedonic impact of information. As a result, investors make attention decisions in part to manage their psychological exposure to positive and negative information. Specifically, they are more likely to log in to check their account when past returns suggest that attention is likely to reveal good news rather than bad news.

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