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HIV has been, and in Asia is becoming, the best known beneficiary of this dynamic, but many other diseases, such as dengue, stand to benefit. The frequency of the most severe form, dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is thought to occur when a person is sequentially infected by two types of dengue virus, is increasing as different dengue viruses have extended their range and now overlap 25. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is now common in some cities in Asia, where the high prevalence of infection is attributed to the proliferation of open containers needed for water storage which also provide breeding grounds for the mosquito vector as the population size exceeds the infrastructure 19. In urban environments, rain filled tires or plastic bottles are often breeding grounds of choice for mosquito vectors. The resulting mosquito population boom is complemented by the high human population density in such situations, increasing the chances of stable transmission cycles between infected and susceptible persons. Even in industrialized countries, e. g. , the United States, infections such as tuberculosis can spread through high population density settings . g. , day care centers or prisons 12,26 28. Human behavior can have important effects on disease dissemination.

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"We're finding that racial stereotyping and prejudice are extremely contextual," says Correll. "You can see real reductions in prejudice, and sometimes it actually reverses," crossing over into a sort of stereotypic affinity. And this, Correll argues, works to the advantage of someone like Obama. "You look at Obama, and he represents himself incredibly well," Correll says. "There are a whole lot of contextual cues that tell us this is someone you don't need to worry about. "The pollster John Zogby sees some signs that white voters have grown more comfortable with black candidates. He offers the example of Harold Ford, the young, black Democratic congressman who narrowly lost his bid for one of Tennessee's US Senate seats in 2006. Traditionally, Zogby points out, black candidates do worse on Election Day than in pre election polling because people tell pollsters they're more comfortable with black candidates than they actually are this phenomenon, the so called Bradley Effect, is what some analysts thought helped Clinton last month in New Hampshire. But, Zogby points out, Ford actually did better in the final vote than in pre election polling, suggesting a dissipation of the Bradley Effect. Some of the most dramatic work in racial bias mitigation was published in 2001 by John Tooby and Leda Cosmides, a husband and wife team of evolutionary psychologists at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and their then student Robert Kurzban. In their study, they presented participants with a series of images of people, each with a sentence that the person in the image had supposedly said.

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The articles accepted here should be about topics pertaining to life, God, culture, and more. A website about faith in action for social justice, Sojourners accepts report pieces, commentary, and analysis about social justice and faith. They have a mainly faith based audience and expect articles to be no more than 1,000 words. Along with their website, they also accept pieces for their magazine. Magazine pieces should be around 2,000 words for a feature article. They also accept reviews and poetry.

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