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But not to those who watched the transit of Venus inJune 2004. Nor in the Gauquelin work, where Venus has an effect but theSun does not. See Part 2 for more on these puzzling differences. Picture: Sydney Observatory, Sky and Space, September October 2004:50. For more than fifty years these puzzles have defied explanation. Theyseem totally and utterly baffling. Together with artifacts they areexplored in Part 2. Michel Gauquelin explained very briefly how it all started when he wasinterviewed in California by parapsychologist D Scott Rogo in 1984 afterthe publication of Truth about Astrology. Rogo, who was also aconsulting editor to Fate magazine, describes the meeting as follows:We met in his Beverly Hills hotel room. I found him to bea charming, thoughtful and critical minded man who clearly enjoys hiswork. I was interested in learning how he became interested in astrologyin the first place.

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The snake plant is a slow growing plant with stiff leaves growing in an upward direction. The leaves have dark green colored horizontal stripes with a yellowish border. The plant can grow up to 4 feet, and produce greenish flowers. An interesting characteristic of this plant is that the amount of light the plant receives determines its color. Although these plants can survive in shade, they get an attractive color when exposed to plenty of natural light. It has been referred to as the hardest to kill house plant. It requires the least of your attention, and can thrive easily even in extremely neglected circumstances. It is considered a good plant for beginners in gardening, due to its potential to tolerate an imbalanced watering schedule. Moreover, the plant prefers less watering, and if over watered, it may rot. The name says it all, they are grand flowering plants, with a cheerful yellow color. They are perennial plants, and have a clump forming habit.

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All teachers have their own style. Some want to be the undisputed centre of attention, in total control of the class at all times. Other teachers see their role as being more of a facilitator or coach. I personally feel that different approaches are required for different situations, with an intuitive teacher altering his or her role any number of times. What is more important is that the teacher is aware of exactly which role they're using at any given point, as this has a major impact on student motivation. Further, as teachers we need to be aware of our body language and tone of voice, ensuring that we treat every student as an individual. Our goal is to try and project a positive demeanor, even when we might feel the burden of the world on our shoulders not always easy, as we all have good' and bad' days!Unfortunately, if we are having a bad day' this can be evident in our overall body language, level of enthusiasm and even reactions to classroom situations. It's hard to leave our troubles outside the classroom door: teachers are only human beings and it's unfair to expect them to have complete control over their thoughts and feelings. However, awareness itself can make a difference: awareness of how we compose ourselves around students, from the moment we enter the classroom. When walking to a classroom I often try to remind myself how much impact my demeanor can have on the lesson, and that the onus is on me to motivate the students, and not the other way around.

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At their root, each of these problems springs out of the lack of or misapplication of good character qualities. If we are ever to find lasting solutions to the problems of our day, we must deal with the roots!We must work to improve our own character and help those around us to improve theirs!Character education is essential!Character is the Key to Success!In the business arena, many companies have learned that it is counterproductive to focus exclusively on achievement and profit, without emphasizing the character qualities which underlie the achievement. We must think in terms of developing and rewarding good character. Character training is essential for lasting success in business as it is in every other aspect of life. From Benjamin Franklins plan we learn the value of focusing our attention on one character quality at a time. During that time we should seek to understand as much as possible about the character quality what it really is, how it has been illustrated in positive and negative ways in history, how it can be applied to our own life situations more below about resources to help us do this. We should also attempt to live our lives as if we fully possessed the character quality upon which we are focusing. We should be aware of how the character quality or the lack of it is demonstrated in the lives of those around us and evaluate the results and consequences we see in their lives. As is generally the case, it is helpful if we can have others who will share with us the effort to develop a character quality in our lives. Shared effort increases our enthusiasm for the project and gives us a sense of accountability that we do not have otherwise. One of the best resources available for developing character qualities by focusing on specific qualities one at a time is the Character First!tm character quality bulletin series available from the Character Training Insititue.

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