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Admittedly, evolutionists who have kept up with the latest writings know that this view is wrong and refrain from teaching it in their classes. However, in most of the popular school textbooks and reading materials this view is still promulgated in various forms, often very subtle. As people accepted that the child developing in a mothers was just an animal reflecting its evolutionary ancestry, there was less and less problem about destroying it. As evolutionary ideas became more accepted, the easier it became to accept abortion. In fact, some abortion clinics in America have taken women aside to explain to them that what is being aborted is just an embryo in the fish stage of evolution, and that the embryo must not be thought of as human. These women are being fed outright lies. Again, let me state here that abortion certainly existed before Darwin popularized his evolutionary theory. However, his evolutionary theory has been used to give abortion its respectability, and thus we see the great increase in abortion today. In the last half of the 19th century, a widespread philosophy known as social Darwinism dominated the thinking of many industrial tycoons of the era. They believed that because evolution was true in the biological sphere, the same methods should apply in the business world: survival of the fittest, elimination of the weak, no for the poor. In 1985 one of Australias large banks the National Australia Bank, in a commemorative magazine concerning their merging with another bank, was using Darwinian principles of survival of the fittest to justify its merger.

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6% to $169. 5 million in 2009. Another report, this one conducted by Forrester Research, an independent research company that provides pragmatic and forward thinking advice to global leaders in business and technology, predicts that eBook sales will cross the $1 billion line in 2011. When I first realized that eBook Readers were already starting to render the paperback book obsolete, I became distraught. Thats because I had been working on my science fiction novel, on and off, for the better part of the last twenty years and it was very near completion. My novel was always meant to be a paperback; a handy little book that could easily fit in a backpack or a purse. I even knew what the cover art would look like: planet Earth in the background with my main character leaving orbit in his tiny spaceship while two unfolding alien spacecraft approached. I had it all figured out. I knew the printing industry was already getting hit hard but I figured the unique tactile act of reading a paperback book still had a good decade left in it. I dont believe that anymore. Of course, there will be die hard paperback fans for many years to come, but eBook Readers are already starting to mimic the experience of having an actual book in your hands.


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