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Everything is clear, intuitive, and lacks clutter and complexity:Looking at the actual knowledge base articles, you'll see Decibel Insight often uses a combination of thorough text instructions and visual video based education. This maximizes for both dinstinct learning style and the SEO benefits of thorough how to text:InVision, a product design and prototyping software, also includes a multi faceted knowledge base it includes news and release information as well as standard help articles, a contact support option, and a search feature to tie everything together. They also have a status indicator that updates in real time to let you know if there have been any technical incidents. Some of their articles are comprehensive and educational, others are more straightforward and feel like scaled out customer support articles. They read like simple FAQs, which, depending on the context, may be just what you're looking for. Moz is a stellar example of using knowledge base content not simply for reactive customer support, but for proactive customer education as well.

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Dona Gene Mitchell, the timing at which scandal is uncovered can make a large difference as to how each candidate is viewed by voters Mitchell 2014, 697. There are a number of general trends that are associated with this. A candidate would most likely prefer to have a controversial story broken early in the campaign, allowing an ample amount of time for the story to break down and no longer exists in the voters minds Mitchell 2014, 697 698. That said, continuous coverage of scandalous activity can cause scandal fatigue, in which voters become numb to the constant media questioning of a candidates values or actions Thompson 2000, 117. More research is needed to quantify scandalous coverage between Clinton and Trump since the results of the election. The amount of exposure Trump received from traditional news media can be based on his continuous controversial actions Olshansky and Stelter 2015. Trump likely benefitted from scandal fatigue by creating an unapologetic persona in the media that left him appearing to be unflinching in the face of criticism. Journalists and news sources feel bound by the entertainment value that generates interest. When a story breaks for one news source, generally, the same story is forced to be covered by another source in order to maintain views Balkin 1999, 402. Many stories break without proper research from all networks which creates errors in the standards of coverage Balkin 1999, 402. In this way, the story provides material for constant coverage because all news sources begin to talk about the same story while also trying to establish their own perspectives that make them different from one another.

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One potential type of liability is for invasion of privacy. In one case, Braun v. City of Taft, a city council member was subject to censure by the council for removing documents from a city employees personnel file and revealing them to the press. Although the court ultimately determined that the particular documents were public records that could legally be disclosed, the court remanded the case to the council to allow it to decide whether the member should suffer censure for other reasons. These possible reasons included his unilateral decision regarding suitability for disclosure. 4 Other courts have articulated that public employees can have limited privacy rights in their personnel files. 5 Employees can thus argue that improper review and/or disclosure should result in personal liability for invasion of privacy. 6 Other officials, such as city managers, are charged with overseeing city employees. Fourth, council member actions with regard to individual employees may be considered suspect because other high level city officials are officially charged with supervising and/or overseeing individual employees. Most cities appoint city managers to provide overall supervision to a citys human resources function. Because a designated official already has this responsibility, there should be little need for city council members to become involved with individual employees.

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Healey, N. 2016. Electronic Word of Mouth eWOM How can we can break it down?. University of Brighton. Available at: . Ho, Y. , Wu, J. and Tan, Y. 2017. Disconfirmation Effect on Online Rating Behavior: A Structural Model. Information Systems Research, 283, pp.

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