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The article detailed plans for a new Learning Lab at the museum which will be sponsored by our Club. See attached links for more information. West Hartford Rotary Club Meeting December 3, 2018 Proceedings1. Eileen Rau again reminded us that our polio eradication program is still in progress in four countries where polio is still found. She also mentioned that donations are still needed. Make your donation to Polio Plus for $38. 00. 2. Ann Leabman came out with blood donation posters honoring Hap. This drive will be sponsored by the West Hartford Rotary as part of our Community Projects and will keep our name out there in the Town. 4.

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For personal machines, please visit regent. edu/office365. Faculty and Staff: Most computers on campus will have Microsoft Office preinstalled. For personal machines, please visit regent. edu/office365. Faculty and Staff: All computer labs on campus have Minitab installed.

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Participants receive PowerPoints, Teaching Notes, Student Notes and Creative Methods like Jeopardy, Family Feud, videos, case studies and more for Orientation and Refresher training. Training should include awareness what is abuse and how prevalent is it, protection what are the different types of abuse, what are the indicators of abuse, how do you report abuse and protect the vulnerable sector and prevention what policies and procedures does your organization have to prevent abuse to the vulnerable sector. We truly believe and insurance companies require that training should be taught by qualified and knowledgeable instructors, which is why we have developed a Train the Trainer Certification course. We are passionate about the fact that training can be creative, engaging, and interesting for volunteers and staff. The best training is also customized for your organization and your policies. Need some help with training?We can help!Check out our Train the Trainer Certification course; on line Orientation and Refresher training courses; and Orientation and Refresher Webinar training. A: We recommend that everyone who is put into a position of trust in your organization is fully screened and trained as a volunteer this includes short term and occasional volunteers. Remember occasional volunteers arent considered occasional observers because they are helping and in a position of trust with those who are vulnerable. There arent any ways to short cut the screening process while still creating a safe environment for the vulnerable in your programs, but there a number of ways of fast tracking the screening process. For example having everyone do their applications, interviews and references together during your training session. In some situations you could replace the 6 month waiting period with a third reference check but we would recommend you check with your insurance company prior to making this exception.

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It will mean working across organisations and across political boundaries between health and social care to ensure that care is delivered in the right setting by the right professional in the most cost effective manner. This will be difficult and will require a different way of working for many leaders and senior teams. The start of this process is to link the strategic objectives of your organisation to the activities that will drive the improvement and then to engage your health and social care partners. This is the process of Transformation Mapping and something that will increasingly be of importance in the new world of the NHS. To find out more about transformation mapping, or simply just to bounce ideas off someone independent, contact Amnis on . com or visit he article below was published in the HSJ earlier this year. This decision to merge a Welsh health board into a council will drive them along the same lines being adopted by some English PCTs as they de merge Commissioning and Provider Arms, with some of the commissioning organisations finding some financial efficiencies through integrating with local councils. The model proposed is even closer to that operated by the HSE Health Service Executive in Ireland where social care and healthcare are closely aligned although mostly in primary care. Has this led to efficiency gains in the provision of services in Ireland?Well, it seems that whilst the relationship between health and social care in a primary setting might have been improved, the problems of a disconnect between secondary care and primary health and social care remains, and in some areas may actually be worse than having separate organisations. The problem is the need to ensure that systems, processes and cultures are all in alignment ideally before but at worse case as soon as the organisations have merged. To find out more about how we can help organisations to integrate and achieve efficiencies call us on 0870 446 1002 or email infoaamnis.

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Pierre Barbet, a classic in Shroud Literature, is back in print after 40 years and available again in a hardcover edition until November 30, 1997. "Dr. Barbet, writing in the early 1950s, relied heavily on his close analysis of the Shroud of Turin to re create every stage of the Passion with precision and detail. The result: a minor classic of spirituality by a layman. " Also just added to the Home Videos section of the page is "The Shroud of Turin", a program available from The History Channel Website. This program deals with the events leading up to and just after the 1988 carbon dating. See the page for more details. The "Links To More Information" page has been updated to include a unique textile interpretation of the image on the Shroud. Originally created in the 1970's by Mrs. Cleta Meniconi Tarantola, an expert in the art of weaving, this interpretation is exquisitely woven into the Jacquard fabric, not printed onto it, and shows the positive face of the Shroud on one side and the negative face on the other. The website is presented in five languages and includes detailed photographs.

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