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More alarming is that, according to the research, those involved in crashes dont change their behavior, according to AAA. People who said it was very or extremely dangerous to drive when youre so tired its hard to keep your eyes open 96% or drive while texting/sending an email 96% were the same ones who engaged in those practices. They also read 43. 7% or typed 42. 7% text messages even when they thought they might get caught by policeDrivers who said talking on a hand held cellphone saw the most significant decrease, down from 52. 1% to 43.

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Instruct delegates to individually consider and describe the personality of a well known admired person which you can suggest, or assist the group in deciding who to describe. The descriptions must be very concise and ideally according to a personality theory that the delegates all know or which can be explained to the group quickly and easily. Ask delegates to reveal their descriptions, record/share them visibly, and then discuss/review the differences between the delegates' views. A common cause of differences between delegates' views and a fascinating aspect of the exercise is that delegates' descriptions of a greatly admired person commonly match their own self image. This is obviously a useful realization for anyone whose work entails assessing/evaluating other people, for example in management, interviewing and selection, etc. N. 2016. Corporate Governance and Banking in Kenya. Masters Dissertation,University of Nairobi. Kenya. Chijoriga, M.

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Laws are not a matter of our opinions, but rules given by the One who has the right to impose them upon us for our good and His own glory. He gives us principles as a basis for building our thinking in every area. Accepting the God of creation tells us what life is all about. We know that God is the life giver, that life has meaning and purpose, and that all humans are created in the image of God and, therefore, are of great value and significance. God made us so that He could relate to us, us, and pour out His blessing on us, and so that we could Him in return. On the other hand, if you reject God and replace Him with another belief that puts chance and random processes in the place of God, there is no basis for right or wrong. Rules become whatever you want to make them. There are no absolutesno principles that must be adhered to. People will write their own rules. It must be understood that our worldview is inevitably affected by what we believe concerning our origins and our destiny. As the creation foundation is removed, we see the godly institutions also start to collapse.

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