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For example, word like 'super' colloquial of supermarket may not be most urgent to learn, neither is it most simple but: since it takes no effort to remember, and since it actually encourages the student giving him the illusion other words are just as easy, and since it's a convenient word in fabricating practicing sentences, and since it can demonstrate and support grammatical rules whereas most important words tend to be exceptions, only confusing student to summarize, we believe much thought should be put into order of vocabulary to be taught. Exercises should be exercicing last lesson' material. We believe it should equally use the material of last 2 3 lessons, to keep it alive, and sampling bits of material from long ago to renew the forgotten so that every word will be exercised at much later stage, as well. Besides, student gets encouraged combining the new material with something he already firmly knows. Language is sacred, teaching should be objective and serious. We think that everything student can relate to works. Fun always helps. If there's a mnemonic trick why not to show it?What, then, we think a lesson should look like?Each lesson of ours contains little bit of all several verbs, several nouns, several useful words of no category, a bit of standard grammar, some corrections to the standard grammar that was taught 2 3 lessons earlier, tips on daily use and cultural references and so on. Structure of every atomic part is: grammar, vocabulary, exercise ideally practicing the just learned grammar upon the just learned vocabulary. The final part of every lesson contains many exercises on sentence level. I am DR N Duane Arnold and I am a little more than a beginner in Modern Hebrew.

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8, 2021 of their decision. More information about this process will be available in December. However, the CBE is continually reviewing its support and opportunity for student learning. This decision may be revisited by December 2020. This learning approach will require parent involvement and assistance. Students will be supported by specific teachers assigned to the hub through the use of D2L by Brightspace and/or Google tools. Instruction will be provided through real time, on line teacher instruction with all students registered in the hub class, pre recorded videos and printable resources. Unlike emergency at home learning that took place in the spring of 2020, hub online learning requires students to meet all the outcomes in the Programs of Study. Students registered in Alternative Programs will remain registered with their current schools while enrolled in hub online learning. Real time online learning is scheduled by the teacher for all students registered in the hub class together with the teacher. Students must be available for the following real time learning time: Pre recorded videos will be made available by the teacher to the students to access through D2L by Brightspace and/or Google tools.

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