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Coordinated political control at every level without that being apparent. The adaptive software manipulation this bill authorizes creates the needed control without the level of authoritarianism being apparent. Too bad I monitor all this now as do readers like you. There was no thought at all from the Georgia legislature when thy adopted that statute. Most probably never read it. It was artfully drafted though by someone to affirmatively authorize Mind Arson and personality Manipulation in the name of Student privacy, a problem that is consistently being misdescribed.

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After finishing the activities, she shared her reflections: I used the virtual environment to introduce that assignment and articulate the different components of the unit plan that then was supported by in class workshops. However, she found that intern teachers did not understand the online module clearly. Therefore, she provided online discussion for the intern teachers to discuss their topics, and she contacted them through e mail and telephone to support them. She also used some time in their face to face sessions for clarifying their assignments. Kate said that she often revised her instructions, even though it was not an easy job for her. Kate said that a blended approach is more flexible than other approaches, because she can modify course structure during a blended course. Second, Kate reported that her roles were to integrate online activities with classroom activities and vice versa. For example, in the first session, Kate introduced integrated curriculum methods and provided work sessions for intern teachers to think about their assignments. She designed an online module the second session for intern teachers to integrate their assignments with the online module without attending school. In the third session, she provided classroom activities for the intern teachers to integrate their assignments in class, such as reviewing their unit plans and discussing their problems. Kate said that either online or face to face sessions should be integrated without disconnection; thus, instructors need to guide intern teachers to integrate their activities in both environments.

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The Museum of Modern Art's page for Starry Night contains a mixture of primary sources a reproduction of the the painting and quotes from Van Gogh's letters and secondary sources the gallery wall text, excerpt from a MoMA publication, and a podcast about the painting. In Introduction to Visual Culture, you learned how to evaluate written sources based on content. Now you know the difference between sources that are scholarly, professional, substantive news, and popular. This semester you are going to learn how to evaluate sources based on when they were written and how they are accessed and whether they are primary or secondary and why. Here are examples of the same content published in a popular magazine and reprinted in a scholarly anthology. For the purposes of the Modern Art History course, we will consider them primary. Clement Greenberg's essay, Jackson Pollock: "Inspiration, Vision, Intuitive Decision," first appeared in Vogue, Vol. 149, No. 7, April 1, 1967, pp. 158 161. Its citation for the Vogue article refers only to pages 160 161, omitting any reference to the images.

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