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Therefore you should live within travelling distance of all three venues. We will need to sight originals of all these documents if you are invited to an interview. Please sign the application form in all five places where signatures are required. Scan and email all pages of your application including certificates. We will require scanned copies of them even if they are framed and hard to access. SOFE offers three professional designations, which may be earned by completing extensive requirements including the successful completion of a series of examinations administered by the Society.

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Supervisors may be appointed by the registration authority when the latter deems it necessary;3. The change of Supervisors shall follow the same procedure as their appointment. Article 19 Rights and obligations of the Supervisors are:1. 1 to examine the financial and accounting documents of the Foundation according to the procedure set forth in this Constitution, and monitor the observance by Board of Directors of laws and this Constitution. 2. 2 to attend Board meetings as observers, with the right to question or to advise the Board, and report to the registration authority, the supervisory body, and relevant taxation and accounting departments. 3. 3 to abide by the relevant laws, regulations and this Constitution, and exercise its functions faithfully. Article 20 The number of Directors who obtain salaries from the Foundation shall not exceed one forth of the total. Supervisors and part time Directors shall not obtain salaries from the Foundation. Article 21 A Director shall not be associated with decision making when his/her personal interest is interrelated with that of the Foundation.

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