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This study implies that a borrower who posts a loan Kiva should focus its signalling efforts on the entrepreneurial intentions rather than the virtuous characteristics. StrenghtsRelevance of findingsThe paper researches the impact of signaling in the emergent business model of crowdfunded microloans. As I describe in the introduction of this blog, the need to understand the asymmetric information problem in this emergent business model are high and hence the findings of this paper show how signaling positively and negatively influences funding and repayment performances. This findings can be used to further optimize the lending efficiency aspired by crowdfunded microfinance. Broader understanding of conditional impact EO and VO signalsWhereas previous research has found in different contexts that EO and VO signals positively contributed to performance measures, this paper creates a more nuanced view. This paper shows that whether to use EO and VO signals highly depends on the context. In this case VO does not seem to work as well in microfinance context as has affected funding propensity in the IPO context. WeaknessesLimitation of word count analysisThe results from this paper are as limited as the analysis used to arrive at them. The linguistic analysis simply counts the words, of a specific dictionary, present in loan texts. However, we should keep in mind that language is overly more complex than simply a bag of words Wilson et al. , 2005.

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"An imperative distinction to make in wind energy calculation isthe difference between watts and watts per hour. A watt is the unitof measure used to represent the output capability of a windturbine, while watts per hour measure the actual energy that can beproduced per hour i. e. , megawatts versus megawatt hours. In orderto figure out the amount of electricity that would be producedannually by a cluster of turbines, one would multiply the windfarm's rated capability 50 megawatts, in the case of the Enfieldproposal by the time in one year: 8,667 hours. The actual production capacity is usually only about 25 percentconsidering the variability of wind, so the output must be adjustedaccordingly to get a realistic idea of the electricity the windfarm could supply. A 50 megawatt farm could probably supply about109,575 megawatt hours, a quarter of the farm's potential energyoutput at 100 percent capacity. This is equivalent to the use ofone 100 watt light bulb in approximately 124,517 homes, or three100 watt light bulbs in each of Tompkins County's 38,625 housingunits. According to the 2000 US Census, the average housing unit inNew York state uses an annual average of 6,887 kilowatt hours. In an article that Congel wrote for the Syracuse Post Standardin September 2007, the author mentioned the proposed St. LawrenceWind Power Project in Cape Vincent, New York.

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The college was accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission in 2005. In January 2008, AGRM transferred ownership of Rescue College to TechMission, and its name was changed to City Vision College. Since then, City Vision has launched an Addiction Studies program which can be taken in either a degree completion format to earn a Bachelor of Science or as a certificate program and begun an internship/scholarship program by partnering with North American urban ministries. In 2013, TechMission and its founder were covered by a Christianity Today article titled "The Tech Poverty Fighter". TechMission was also featured in articles in Religion Today for its involvement in responding to the Boston Marathon Bombing. TechMission was also featured in a nonprofit case study by a group of Northeastern University professors published in the Case Research Journal. In our constitutional system of checks and balances, ambition counteracts ambition. But what happens when prosecutors are the most ambitious of all?Last month, Justice Samuel Alito raised this question in the opinion that he issued on the Supreme Courts closing day of regular business this session, in the case of Trump v. Vance. A seven justice majority had rejected President Trumps claims of total immunity against subpoenas from Manhattan district attorney Cy Vance, and Justice Alitohimself a former federal prosecutorwarned that his colleagues were courting constitutional disaster:There are more than 2,300 local prosecutors and district attorneys in the country. Many local prosecutors are elected, and many prosecutors have ambitions for higher elected office.

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Be Nice. No racism, sexism or any sort of ismthat is degrading to another person. Be Proactive. Use the 'Report' link oneach comment to let us know of abusive posts. Share with Us. We'd to hear eyewitnessaccounts, the history behind an article. Volunteer High School English/language arts teacher Melissa Johnson poses beside her Bitmoji, which will greet students when they log into her Virtual Classroom each day. VHS teacher Melissa Johnson also has a mini film studio set up in her classroom to create her daily recorded lessons, featuring an iPad on a tripod that shoots video beside a piece of professional video lighting equipment. She created a YouTube page to download her daily recordings. Volunteer High School teacher Melissa Johnson also has a mini film studio set up in her classroom to create her daily recorded lessons. It features an iPad on a tripod that shoots video beside a piece of professional video lighting equipment.

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Anna had her cardiac catherization yesterday and all went well. The doctor did not have to put in any stents and she is clean as a whistle. It turns out that the artery in question I can't remember which one it is, but it is on the left side has a place that is narrow. It is due to the way God made her. It really isn't a "defect" but as the doctor said, just the way she is. The doc said that he will just have to watch her so that that spot doesn't collect plaque etc by keeping her bad cholesterol down and her good cholesterol up and keeping her blood pressure normal. So that was great news. She had to stay at the hospital for about 3 hours after the quick 30 minute cath and we were headed home by 2pm. Oh, and I have to tell you that I had to feed her lunch because she couldn't sit up at all for a few hours. The nurse tilted her bed so she wouldn't choke but she had to keep her head flat on the pillow. She ordered a Lobster salad.

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