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Im trying to discourage them from tilling it into their soiljust build their soil up on top of the clay and continue to add organic matter. Should they till the rotted sawdust in?Thanks, LarryTilling organic matter into clay soil over a fairly large area is really a good idea, good for the soil. The problems start when you excavate clay out of an area then fill with nice loose organic matter. That creates a bathtub effect and the bed stays too wet. For general landscaping beds I just build on top of the clay because its the fastest, easiest and works just fine. But if your goal is to truly improve the soil that is there, tilling in organic matter isnt a terrible thing to do. Mike, Ive got access to as many vine maple seedlings as I could possibly want free, is there market for them if I grow them for a couple of years, or more?Thanks. ChuckYou can always sell some maple seedlings, but you really to know exactly what kind of maple they are and you have to be certain of that before any wholesale buyer would be interested. Mike can I use polystyrene balls to help my soil drainage the kind of tiny balls that are used in stuffing bean bags?I live in johannusberg south Africa. My soil is claylike and during the rain season the plants suffocate but in the dry season the soil is hard and just too too dry!I have lost of homemade compost and a huge bag of these polystyrene beads. What are your thoughts on this idea?Has anyone used them in their garden or on their pot plants?Thanks for all the info!Some people use Styrofoam in a rooting mix, but in some areas in the U.

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I've travelled a lot around Asia and a lot of the world and have never faced such a complete farce as trying to get a teaching visa in Thailand. It is the most xenophobic and nationalist country in all of SE Asia. Never again do I plan to try teaching in Thailand again and good luck to any of you planning to head out there make sure if you are at home you take all your original documents with you and prepared for maximum hassle/harassment from these cretins!Note this was my personal experience in May 2016, not that faced by or to be faced by all teachers in Thailand. I wrote a year ago about my years experience in Thailand. The visa process is easier in China even with the current changes in Chinese policy. The tangible benefits are much better than Thailand actaully there are no tangible benefits in Thailand except a relatively decent salary of 30 000 Baht per month as opposed to 50 000 Baht in China with a spacious free apartment.

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After over four years in network marketing, I'm strongly convinced that this emphasis on getting, instead of giving, contributes significantly to failure or, at the very least, significantly reduces one's level of success and satisfaction in network marketing. I think that a strong case can be made, in fact, that the very heart of successful network marketing consists in helping others, or "paying it forward," to use Trevor's term. In this regard, when I'm personally interviewing a prospective business partner, one of the most important things I want to know is to what degree s/he likes helping others. For network marketers who enjoy helping others, developing and maintaining a strong, consistent pay it forward mindset is highly rewarding in at least the following ways:1. Helping your business team members be successful generates a high degree of consistent satisfaction for you, which can help enormously in sustaining you while you're on your way to reaching your financial goals. 2. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS 2. 1. THESE TERMS CONTAIN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS SECTION 2, DISCLAIMERS OF WARRANTIES SECTION 8, LIMITATION OF LIABILITY SECTION 9, AS WELL AS PROVISIONS THAT WAIVE YOUR RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL, RIGHT TO A COURT HEARING AND RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS ACTION MANDATORY BINDING ARBITRATION AND CLASS ACTION WAIVER. UNLESS YOU OPT OUT WITHIN 30 DAYS OF FIRST USE OF OUR SERVICE AS PROVIDED FOR IN SECTION 12, ARBITRATION IS THE EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR ANY AND ALL DISPUTES AND IS MANDATORY EXCEPT AS SPECIFIED BELOW IN SECTION 12. 2.

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, and Rao, H. R. 2008. A trust based consumer decision making model in electronic commerce: The role of trust, perceived risk, and their antecedents. Decision support systems, 442, 544 564. Wang, W. , Xu, J. , and Wang, M. 2018. Effects of Recommendation Neutrality and Sponsorship Disclosure on Trust vs. Distrust in Online Recommendation Agents: Moderating Role of Explanations for Organic Recommendations.

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You may have noticed that out in the real world, this isnt exactly how dating or marriage works. For example, the model doesnt take into account couples, bisexuality or people who prefer to be single. Gale and Shapley werent really trying to crack the code on romance. What they were seeking was an approach to so called matching markets where there is supply and demand, but no money changes hands. Marriage was simply a way to illustrate the problem. When they began, their work was purely theoretical.

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