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They block websites known to be used for cheating. They may facilitate online exam proctoring, where students are monitored while taking a test through their webcam. At Union Public Schools near Tulsa, the district has implemented several of these security measures but only on school owned devices. Most students can easily access another device, though. While Union is using Edgenuity for all middle and high school students who chose virtual this year, teachers will be adding in extra assignments to supplement the online tool, said Gart Morris, the districts executive director of instructional technology. The curriculum in Edgenuity is limited, he said.

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Further attributes can be specified such as green, youth, and multiple tags can be included technology trees. At the minimum, I would include the sector in which the loan is requested as a control variable consisting of multiple dummy variables. The loan category highly influences funding and repayment success with some categories being more attractive to fund and some categories showing lower level of risk in repayment. The finding that product category is important predictor of funding success has been found in the context of Kickstarter, for example in the research of Mitra and Gilbert 2014. ClosingIn 2017, Kiva was able to provide a total of $152 million in loans to poor people around the world and $1 billion in loans since 2005. The microfinance via a crowdfunding platform, one of the emergent business models identified at the international microfinance conference 2017, seems to become more popular means of providing loans to the poor. Moss et all. 2015 are able to contribute to the efficiency of this platform and our understanding of signaling in microfinance platforms by researching the role of virtuous orientation and entrepreneurial orientation in loan texts. The entrepreneurial orientation of a loan text contributes to funding and repayment whereas virtuous orientation does not. Further research could move a step further and investigate how microfinance via a crowdfunding platform impacts the performance of MFIs and borrowers with respect to their social and economic goals. Caudill, S.

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"Alexa Rank: 215,595Visit Simply AudiobooksCantorion. org provides users with free sheet music, scores and concert listings via Sphinx. "We use Sphinx to search about 20,000 documents in 18 languages including Cyrillic and East Asian scripts. The data comes from a MySQL backend and we saw an 100x speed increase when we moved from directly querying MySQL FULLTEXT indexes to using Sphinx indexes. "Ed Founder of Cantorion Alexa Rank: 241,570Visit CantorionGet Music. net and Get Lyric. net are search engines over 260,000 songs and 1,200,000 song lyrics respectively. Alexa Rank: 425,526Visit Get music. net"We are using a heavily modified version of Sphinx. I think we are probably the largest Sphinx installation out there with some 1,000 search nodes partitioned into 64 different notes with over 500 million records from a db that is approximately a terabyte in size. We also use Hadoop to generate Sphinx indexes.

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The thief, meantime, told his comrades of his discovery. The Captain thanked him, and bade him show him the house he had marked. But when they came to it they saw that five or six of the houses were chalked in the same manner. The guide was so confounded that he knew not what answer to make, and when they returned he was at once beheaded for having failed. Another robber was dispatched, and, having won over Baba Mustapha, marked the house in red chalk; but Morgiana being again too clever for them, the second messenger was put to death also. The Captain now resolved to go himself, but, wiser than the others, he did not mark the house, but looked at it so closely that he could not fail to remember it. He returned, and ordered his men to go into the neighboring villages and buy nineteen mules, and thirty eight leather jars, all empty except one, which was full of oil. The Captain put one of his men, fully armed, into each, rubbing the outside of the jars with oil from the full vessel. Then the nineteen mules were loaded with thirty seven robbers in jars, and the jar of oil, and reached the town by dusk. The Captain stopped his mules in front of Ali Babas house, and said to Ali Baba, who was sitting outside for coolness, I have brought some oil from a distance to sell at tomorrows market, but it is now so late that I know not where to pass the night, unless you will do me the favor to take me in. Though Ali Baba had seen the Captain of the robbers in the forest, he did not recognize him in the disguise of an oil merchant.

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MDs and DOs: Are considered Physicians in all States and can perform the BasicMed exam with or without being a FAA Aviation Medical Examiner. DCs: Are eligible to perform the BasicMed exam as a Specialty Physician when considered by their State Chiropractic Licensing Board to be a State licensed Chiropractic Physician and as long as their State scope of practice allows performing the components of BasicMed exam. The following states allow DC's to perform the BasicMed Exam states not listed are currently being reviewedAlabamaAlaskaArizonaArkansasConnecticut being allowed but not yet formalizedDelawareFloridaHawaiiIdahoIllinoisIndiana Can take our FAA course to perform exams but no CE Credit for state re licensureIowa NRCME Training also required in order to perform the examsKansasLouisianaMassachusetts NRCME Training also required in order to perform the examsMinnesotaMissouriNevadaNew Jersey NRCME Training also required in order to perform the examsNew MexicoNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaOhioOklahomaOregon NRCME Training also required in order to perform the examsSouth Dakota NRCME Training also required in order to perform the examsTennesseeUtahWest Virginia ANPs/PAs: Are physician extenders who are not physicians but who perform some medical activities typically done by a physician. Privileges vary by state. They are not specifically excluded, but the BasicMed Physician is responsible for conducting the exam and must sign the Comprehensive Medical Exam Checklist. ANPs/PAs can perform part or all of the BasicMed exam according to state regulations. Others: Dentists, Naturopaths, Podiatrists, and other specialty physicians may be eligible if their state licensing board considers them to be State Licensed Specialty Physicians. Although Doctors of Chiropractic will want to become Certified Medical Examiner so they may perform Commercial Driver Physical Exams and FAA BasicMed Exams, we also provide Continuing Education credit for relicensure in many states. This course allows the Medical Physician, Doctors of Osteopathy, Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioners to take the federal examination to become a Certified Medical Examiner and/or perform FAA BasicMed Exams. However, at this time, we are not offering CME hours for relicensure for these professions. Overview: This three day course Ocean Marine Claims Examiner course is designed for the Claims Professional who is primarily responsible for the investigation and settlement of claims made by policyholders and third parties.

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