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Robert Kennedy Jr. , Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defence Council. Gus Speth, former UN Development Programme official. Maurice Strong, President of the Earth Council and former UN Special Advisor. David Suzuki, Canadas leading environmentalist. Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director of the UN Environmental Programme.

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But when a tax exempt organization uses its money to buy a business that competes with other business owners who had to buy their businesses with taxed funds, or when a church contributes tax exempt money to a political campaign while its political opponents use money that has been taxed, many Americans feel there is a moralif not a legalobligation for the church to be a little more transparent in reporting how it spends that money. I have read some and skimmed other comments and criticisms of the Churchs role in City Creek. I dont understand the problem. The money is the Churchs to spend as the governing body sees fit. Are some Church funds expended in so called humanitarian efforts?Yes. Are some funds expended on other ventures?Yes. It is not your money, stop the carping!Each of us is free to spend our funds/money time and effort on products/services we desire, why cant other people or corporations do the same?Members of the Church are free to donate a tithe and offering as they see fit, once donated the offering is no longer the donors but the Churchs to be handled as policy dictates. If you do not agree you are free to not donate. Does the Church have money earning projects separate and distinct from Tithing funds?Yes, and those monies can be used as the governing body sees fit. If the critics want more done to alleviate poverty, sickness, suffering in the world they are free to donate more of their largess to any charity they choose, and are free to role up their sleeves and participate in any benevolent project of their choice. I am uncomfortable with others telling someone else be it a corporation or person how to spend their money, time or energy.

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Sc. , M. Phil. Health and Medical Care Services: Claims on National Resources . Editor: C. Subburaman, Ph. D. An Investigation into Some of the Learning Problems inEnglish Language Writing among Lambada Community Learnersin Andhra Pradesh . N. Padmamma, M. Phil.

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