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Religious toleration marked the paper under its founder; this declined slightly after Potters death, yet was still visible. Yet the loyalism and conservatism preached by Potter was continued albeit with an overt Catholic tinge by his successors. The characteristic independent spirit survived to a degree, with its somewhat chauvinistic support for William OBrien and his colleagues, one of whom DD Sheehan had had a caustic relationship with Potter during his brief tenure as editor of the Star. Yet after 1914 support for John Redmond took over, and in the violent and ever changing political landscape the Eagle retreated to its loyal bastions which were cut from under it. Conservatives and purveyors of loyalist ideologies, shorn of their idiosyncratic champion, were stranded on rapidly shrinking islands in a growing tide. Thus, the Eagle, which had served one imagined community a world of hegemonic landed gentry, poor law boards, Grand Juries, Petty Sessions and Assizes ended its days in the service of another one which moved in a world of district councils, urban councils, county councils, Church meetings and pastorals, conflicting nationalist political organisations, sporting events, Irish Ireland cultural and economic pressure groups and social outings.

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Goose Creek City Hall will reopen to the public at 8 a. m. on Monday, May 18. Please note that our drive thru remains open for water bill payments and other City business for those residents who do not wish to interact in person. Municipal Court update: No court sessions are scheduled, and none will take place, for the remainder of May. A tentative date of June 2 has been set for Municipal Court cases to resume.

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This is because plants, even those propagated from the same source, have different levels of heartiness. In fact, you can visit flower shops and stores and notice that some plants grow more successfully than others, even under the same conditions. You may have accidentally overwatered the plant, or it may have started to develop blight. If the trunk is only slightly soft, it is possible to save the deteriorating plant by adjusting your treatment conditions. But if it starts to turn dark brown or black at the base, or if it seeps liquid when gently squeezed, it will not recover. By taking healthy cuttings from the dying tree and repotting the rest of the braid, you may be able to protect your plant and grow a new Money Tree. However, the one thing you cannot do is leave the dying trunk in place. Once a Money Tree trunk begins to rot, it will expose the rest of the plant to mold, bacteria, insects, and dangers that could kill your entire Money Tree. If youve found a trunk in sorry shape, it is time to take action. Get some sharp, disinfected scissors and well draining potting mix. You will need to propagate what you can and replant the healthy portions of the plant.

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After many years of talk therapy I have begun to realize that the stories I tell myself need to be changed. Furthermore the ways in which I absorb the pain of others needs to be addressed. Susan Wendell The Rejected Body Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disabilities calls this channelling other peoples pain. We cant undo the life traumas that have affected our nervous systembrain/mind/consciousness, but we can try to understand how we are not completely helpless and doomed to a life of turmoil without a sense of hope. We do not have to care about other peoples happiness to the exclusion of our own healthy mind set. We are not personally responsible for everybody elses happiness or pain; being in that head space absolves others from caring for themselves. It is foolhardy to believe we can solve other peoples problems. This is our daily challenge, particularly since living with pain is a constant in our lives. In my book I discuss my own struggles in this regard, as well the women whom I interviewed talk about theirs. Myofascial Release is a highly specialized stretching technique used by physical therapists to treat patients with a variety of soft tissue problems. To understand what Myofascial Release is and why it works, you have to understand a little about fascia.

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