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"Many times, I am on the losing end of the votes," she said. "Yeah, it's frustrating, yeah, it's heartbreaking, but, you know, you move on. " The positive outcome, even when she loses a vote, she said, is that the community becomes aware of the issues. Maui Land and Pineapple Co. , which owns that piece of land, declined to comment for this story. Angus McKelvey, the state representative from the area, said giving the bay conservation status would have the unintended consequence of lowering its market value, and therefore devaluing pensions for people from Maui Land and Pineapple. The smarter move would be for the state or federal government to purchase the land with cash, so that the pensions would be protected, he said. Despite his disagreements with Cochran on these issues, he praised her ability to interest new people in politics. Turnout will likely be higher because of it, he said. "Hopefully the surf won't be breaking" on Election Day, McKelvey said, otherwise people might not show up at the polls in West Maui. Online campaigns have been so successful that Wayno Cochran, Elle's headband and ponytail wearing surfer husband, says online or text message based elections would revive the political system in West Maui.

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Read the following excerpt and answer the following questionsTRAFFIC on Sydney's clogged roads and motor ways is now so congested it is costing the majority of businesses in Western Sydney up to $5000 a year. The startling figures were revealed as part of the NRMA Motoring and Services Business Wise survey of almost 730 businesses that run vehicle fleets. Frustrated local businesses who took part in the survey said travel times for each of their work vehicles had jumped, on average, by 59 minutes every day due to roads clogged by commuters forced into their cars because of poor public transport options. In the past year about six out of 10 Western Sydney firms said their fuel bills had risen as a result of congestion . Author Jim O'RourkeSource: The Australian web site April 08, 2014 12:00AM a bottleneck on our congested roads/story e6frg6n6 1226877298328 accessed 8th April 2014a. Identify the negative externality discussed in the article?b. Explain how the negative externality leads to an inefficient price and level of output. Make sure you identify any Dead Weight Loss DWLc. What solution would you recommend to the government to address the externality?7. What is the difference between scarcity and a shortage?Until recently Melbourne was subject to water restrictions. Using a graph explain how this would impact on the market.

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A lot of the problems regarding security are made by the workers working on these microwave ovens. There you have that, the leading components that you could discover in a Sanyo microwave. Since some microwave ovens are actually much less effective compared to others, this is actually extremely popular. Our company strive to connect with as lots of people as achievable which are trying to obtain a microwave Canada. Previously found just in huge industrial applications, microwave were actually progressively coming to be a conventional installation from most kitchen spaces in Toronto. The document consists of detailed evaluation from difficult as well as downstream need, market dynamics, measurable projecting and progressive idea from the the end, the file use stratified analysis process for a brand new venture from Home Microwave Sector. Much like sun, the safety from microwave relies on the electricity strength of damage. The difference in these three styles is the way warm in the microwave oven is actually spread over a wide region in the course of the food preparation. The microwave has a magnetron, a cylinder which generates micro insight radiation at around 250 MHz and also it is this microwave radiation that connects with food items molecules. This ought to still be actually slightly soft in the centre and will certainly carry on cooking food for a few minutes after eliminating off the microwave. This style delivers pliable food preparation featuring a convection, microwave and grill stove.

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The current cap on Pell Grants is $5,550 per academic year July 1 June 30, with funding available for up to 18 semesters. Eligibility under the FSEOG program is based on extreme financial need. Priority status is given to students who have qualified for Pell Grants and who possess the lowest Expected Family Contributions EFCs based on their FAFSA results. FSEOG funding is based on application date, financial need, school funding, and the schools financial aid policies. Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grants typically range between $100 and $4,000 per academic year. In 2008 2009, the top five locations providing the highest average FSEOGs had been the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, Vermont, Hawaii, and Massachusetts.

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How will they innovate and produce?Start businesses and drive commerce?Im pretty far out of the box man. Im as far out of the box as you can get without getting thrown into a padded box with a white jacket on. I just think that the empowered individual and the ability to fail and succeed based in individual merit is a better system than anything that has been tried over the years. Sure, it has become perverted but throwing out the same system that has allowed so many to climb out of poverty because some people are atill poor is a bad idea. If we could get the bloated government out of our lives and actually allow some semblance of a free market to succeed them we might have a chance. Look at the internet for instance.

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