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3. In many languages, certain terms may be completely absent this has also to do with culture, as those objects may not be used by the people, or those actions or activities may not be permitted or simply not performed. This is a potentially difficult situation for the translator. Lets suppose the term child adoption has no related word in another language, because such a thing just doesnt take place in that area!In such cases it is best to confer with the client and then come to a decision as to the best course to take. They may suggest retaining the word of the source document, or they may suggest a new term themselves, or may even ask you to come up with a newly coined term that gets as close to the actual meaning as possible. There are several words in the English language that have different meanings based on the way they are used in the sentence.

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I was once a Mentor for MSIT Master in science and information technology, under Center for Higher learning course, in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University USA at JNTUK campus. Juggling between global software project work , studying MBA and teaching needs proper time management schedules and I follow a certain flow low psychology for doing my best. I getting to my peak performance at anything i take up pretty quickly. In other word I want to get back to flow. It took a while for me to find the rhythm I needed. But I felt that I should share my experiences with my students and others who read my blog. While interacting with students I found that many are struggling to get the best out of their day and to find success in whatever they dream of doing. But many are not able to focus on neither studies nor in other positive actions, that contribute to their success due to lack of willingness to work hard towards their goal, lack of focus ,concentration and the facebook effect . If you are building a new machine or developing software games or you are a software coder you cannot achieve peak performance at your work with just a couple of attempts. It takes some time and good effort to find a rhythm and consistency at your work. If you want to become expert in one area , it takes ten thousand hours of practice to achieve perfection in whatever you do.

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Arthur, 2013With a phone, the person I am taking a picture of will notice me; with the Glass nobody knows whether or not they are being watched, no matter what they are doing. Arthur, 2013; Klepic, 2014The Information Commissioners Office ISO warned about the use of wearables and the resulting chances on breaches of the Data Protection Act. The Glass wide scope for data collection led to more chances for breaking UK law than any other device. Fox Brewster, 2014 Should movie theatres, concert venues and casinos try to ban the Glass?And how are corporations going to stop employees from photographing confidential trade documents?Klepic, 2014 Banning or restricting the Glass was also a major issue for restaurants, hospitals, sports grounds and banks Gray R. , 2013The second debate evolved around the question: Will people will able to concentrate on what is in front of them when they get distracted by the internet all the time?This legal question was about the safety of using the Glass in traffic. The Glass is supposed to stop people from looking at their phones, but people are fundamentally incapable of looking away from what they are doing for a few seconds without losing their concentration.

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Immediately and clearly announce internally that the only persons to speak about the crisis to the outside world are members of the crisis team. 3. Move quickly. The first hours after the crisis breaks are extremely important. Reporters often build upon the information in the first hours. 4. 1. systematically retrieve data or other content from the Service to create or compile, directly or indirectly, a collection, compilation, database, or directory without written permission from us; 7. 4. 2. make any unauthorized use of the Service; 7.

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Major works by Reston on astronomy are his 1994 biography, Galileo, a Life, a 1994 article in Time magazine, "Collision Course" about a comet's crashing into Jupiter, and a 1995 article in National Geographic , "Orion: Where Stars Are Born. " Following the success of his biography of Galileo, Reston began working on The Last Apocalypse: Europe in the Year 1000 A. D. , which was published in 1998 to precede the turning of the millennium on 31 December 1999. Research for that work sparked his interest in the Third Crusade. He published Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade in 2001. In 1983, Reston's eighteenth month old daughter Hillary was afflicted by a virus that destroyed her language abilities and caused severe brain seizures. Treatments for the seizures compromised her kidneys and necessitated dialysis until she underwent a successful kidney transplant in 2002. Reston published Fragile Innocence: A Father's Memoir of His Daughter's Courageous Journey in 2006. Information and quotations about Reston's writings were drawn from his website. The Thirteen Obsessions of James Reston Jr.

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