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Its designers slowed the game's pace so the conflicts had more tension. And it emphasized teamwork, allowing players to become skilled at working together. In its earliest form, Counter Strike limited gamers to a menu of nine weapons and a handful of maps. But as fans began suggesting improvements and game technology advanced, Valve added rocket launchers and grenades and more elaborate plots. Counter Strike became the company's most visible title as well as the anchor for Steam, which opened in 2003. A decade after its introduction, though, what was once novel had become commonplace in a crowd of first person shooter games.

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The Mafia moved into bid rigging, he says, because it observed over time that monopolizing public contracts offers a far more lucrative business model than legbreaking. Organized crime learned their lessons from John D. Rockefeller, Spitzer explains. Its much more efficient to control a market and boost the price 10 percent than it is to run a loan sharking business on the street, where you actually have to use a baseball bat and collect every week. What Spitzer saw was gangsters moving in the direction of big business. When I ask him if he is surprised by the current bid rigging case, which looks more like big business moving in the direction of gangsters, he laughs.

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