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It was to preserve you, master, not to ruin you, answered Morgiana. See here, opening the false merchants garment and showing the dagger; see what an enemy you have entertained!Remember, he would eat no salt with you, and what more would you have?Look at him!he is both the false oil merchant and the Captain of the Forty Thieves. Ali Baba was so grateful to Morgiana for thus saving his life that he offered her to his son in marriage, who readily consented, and a few days after the wedding was celebrated with greatest splendor. At the end of a year Ali Baba, hearing nothing of the two remaining robbers, judged they were dead, and set out to the cave. The door opened on his saying, Open Sesame! He went in, and saw that nobody had been there since the Captain left it. He brought away as much gold as he could carry, and returned to town.

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As mentioned already, about 50 neurotransmitters have been discovered so far. Out of these, a few of the most important neurotransmitters and their functions are discussed below. This neurotransmitter was discovered in the year 1921, by Otto Loewi. It is mainly responsible for stimulating muscles. It activates the motor neurons that control the skeletal muscles. It is also concerned with regulating the activities in certain areas of the brain, which are associated with attention, arousal, learning, and memory. People with Alzheimers disease are usually found to have a substantially low level of acetylcholine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that controls voluntary movements of the body, and is associated with the reward mechanism of the brain. In other words, dopamine regulates the pleasurable emotions. Drugs like cocaine, heroin, nicotine, opium, and even alcohol increase the level of this neurotransmitter. A significantly low level of dopamine is associated with Parkinsons disease, while the patients of schizophrenia are usually found to have excess dopamine in the frontal lobes of their brain.

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