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The lack of feedback is the really disturbing thing about this job. " It is not a life a person could seek, or even imagine in advance. Hibbs was born in 1951 in a nondescript town in upstate New York. His father was a smalltime accountant, and characteristically tidy. His mother was a housewife, and came from a large working class Irish family. Hibbs had six uncles and aunts from her side alone, and many of them lived nearby with children of their own.

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Only half of the transactional, or persuasive or informative writing assigned in WAC affiliated institutions was basic writing to inform. " That's compared to 66 percent over all. Study wide, 64 percent of assignments were to be written for teacher as examiner, compared to 40 percent of the WAC affiliated work. Assignments at WAC affiliated institutions were also much more likely to ask students to personally reflect on their learning in assignments, ask students to write for wider audiences, and do more writing. The average number of assignments per course over all was about five, while the average number at a WAC institution was nearly nine. We need to persuade provosts, deans and faculty senates that every college should have a WAC program, and that these programs need time to grow and truly take root, Melzer says.

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