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I feel like I need to read about the uniform law movement and am curious about whether people think there is value in treating all transactions under the same law. Rent to own: in a great many states, if the debtor/"renter" fails to make a payment, all the store has to do is send out a letter, wait X number of days, and then forward the matter to the prosecutor to prosecute under a larceny statute. MUCH better than hiring some collections lawyer far better rate of recovery, and the store doesn't even have to pay the lawyer, he's paid by you and me and all the taxpayers of the state. Prosecutors hate this they don't like being used as collections agencies but the rent to own lobby is remarkably powerful. A growing number of people who fall behind or disregard lease payments on household goods and do not return the merchandise are being charged with felonies by prosecutors, according to a Pilot analysis of Virginia Supreme Court data. The number of cases completed in Hampton Roads courts has grown from about 70 in 2006 to more than 200 last year.

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Now Australia had a very long serving Prime Minister John Howard who was finally defeated in a 2007 general election, and left politics. I'm sure he knows many secrets military and diplomatic from his years in the top job. But, like all good citizens, he's not telling tales out of class. Ditto all American ex presidents and Commonwealth PM's and all other manner of retired statesmen. There's also the aspect or concept of the superiority complex'. The I know something that you don't know' ha, ha, ha that helps feed our egos. Maybe someone does have THE knowledge and THE proof positive of what UFOs are, but why should they share it with you hence share the Nobel Prize?Or, maybe they are just internally satisfied that they alone are blessed with THE answer and that's the be all and end all of the matter. 5 Case History: Washington, D. C. 1952: In July 1952, on two separate occasions, separated by one week, UFOs buzzed America's National Capitol, making long term incursions over restricted air space. They were tracked, independently, by various civilian and military radars.

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Wu, Y. G. Zhao, Q. X. Sang, Y. L. Zhong, C. Dingwall, T. Ferdous, U. Schlomann, P. Zhou , L.

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There are also situations wherein students somewhat abuse the kind of treatment they get from their teacher, instead of being enforced to perform better the students became more relaxed, go with the flow or simply wont exert much effort in learning or performing in class. After graduating from college, I realized that the teaching profession is complicated, because students are hard to organize and handle. Obviously every individual are different, having their own understanding of things, having different views on certain ideas, concepts, actions and expressions. Despite the individuals intentions good or bad they will always be misinterpreted in certain ways. Each individual need a lot of patience and guidance to prevent such situations and misunderstandings. Like what was mentioned in most articles in this site, developing a student is not only the job of a teacher or parent but also the simple or complicated things in society. Source of understating the topic: As defined by the Wikipedia, A hidden curriculum is a side effect of an education, " which are learned but not openly intended such as the transmission of norms, values, and beliefs conveyed in the classroom and the social environment. Any learning experience may teach unintended lessons. Hidden curriculum often refers to knowledge gained in primary and secondary school settings, usually with a negative connotation where the school strives for equal intellectual development. In this sense, a hidden curriculum reinforces existing social inequalities by educating students according to their class and social status. The unequal distribution of cultural capitalin a society mirrors a corresponding distribution of knowledge among its studentsWe should give emphasis about Hidden curriculum because it gives our students the chance to discover their untapped abilities and values.

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