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" There was a similar large article in the only daily sportspaper L'Equipe The Team, 21 Dec 1955:5,9 headed "Faut il croire al'influence des astres?". Later there was a long article in the popularmonthly science magazine Science and Vie January 1959:87 91 headed"Astres, Destinee, et Mathematiques" above a large picture of a sliderule resting on the famous zodiac lady from Les Tres Riches Heures duDuc de Berry, with a subsequent smaller picture of "M. Gauquelin,mathematicien du destin" at his desk. So Gauquelin's book was fairlywell publicised, at least in France. Choisnard 1867 1930 was ignorant of statistics and generally usedrather small samples one or two hundred cases. The results given inhis La Loi d'heredite astrale 1919 and Preaves et Bases del'astrologie scientifique 1921 did not exceed chance fluctuations anddid not replicate with large samples.

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Here I am sharing a formula, especially to developers as if you have any self learned hot technical stack, just share it with others as an article. You will get queries and doubts about it and by addressing those you would become a master in that area. I was sharpening my technical edge by using same methodology, which also helped me to correct in some areas!I used to address many queries inside forum section. Forum helps you to locate interesting areas you are not familiar with. People asking queries related to multiple technology stacks and so visiting forums always guarantees that something new which might be interested will come on your way. So ideally C Corner helped me to update on various stacks and also to gain in depth knowledge on areas in which you are more interested. I still remember, my C buddies to whom we have only virtual contact. There were talks about life too ?as I am remembering some buddies who were struggling in their life were getting good advice and suggestions from experts through forum. I got shape to my virtual communication skills by participating such genuine chats, which eventually contributed to my corporate email communication skills too. Thanks for everything and I am eagerly looking forward to new year for continuing this journey with C Corner. C Corner is the best platform to learn and exercise our programming work.

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Hermionelooked unhappy about something. "Yes, Ron told me that he is havinghis detentions with Snape, starting from tomorrow, and Snape had alsotold him that you would be having your detentions with the Headmasterinstead. Ron didn't seem very happy about it," Hermione finishedsympathetically. Harrydecided to ignore the information about Ron. "Dumbledore thoughtthat it wasn't fair for me to be in detention for a week with Snape,not having as much time to train for the Tournament as the otherChampions," Harry told her. "So,what did you do in the detention?He didn't train you himself, didhe?That wouldn't be fair, you know, because he's one of the judgesand knows the tasks beforehand," she asked him. "No,he had me doing homework. I had to make a three feet long assignmentfor Snape. I guess he makes me do my homework in thedetentions, so that I would have time to practise for the Tournamentat other times," Harry told her. "So,you don't have any urgent homework left?" Hermione asked brightly. "That means that we still have some time before the curfew topractise!" she added and jumped up, but then she seemed to remembersomething.

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