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The six countries are as follows: Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, and Syria already mentioned in DTs EO. You will notice that these are seven countries listed under a Travel Visa Waiver restriction that was passed in December 2015, announced in February 2016, that is, under the Obama Administration. Trumps EO in effect develops further the policy enacted under Obamas DHS, namely suspending visa issuances to those foreign nationals. To be sure, The Obama policy was narrower than the Trump EO, But lets also be clear: these were countries of concern under the Obama Administrations watch. Trumps EO suspends the Visa Waiver altogether, requiring in person interviews for all persons seeking non immigrant visas. It is also the case that Trumps EO is much more sweeping than the DHS restrictions, in that it seeks to suspend the entry of all refugees for 120 days, pending further scrutiny, and suspends the entry of all Syrian refugees until further notice which is not the same as forever, but perhaps thats a distinction without a difference. Trumps is a rather cleverly crafted EO, in that there is no explicit reference to all Muslims, but rather to Islamic terrorists which we can certainly read as an existential threat, to paraphrase Judge Bruce Selya in his 2013 opinion on the Tarek Mehanna case. And we know that terrorist is a salient and legally acceptable category in a way that banning all Muslims is not. So, I suspect that this EO will through conventionally narrow legal readingsbe upheld as constitutional. But all that is neither here nor there. I think there is another point here which is extremely salient: This is a politics of distraction and chaos in to which we would do well not to cave.

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peak of over 2,200 per day in late April. But experts are warning of a grim fall and winter, with a widely cited model from the University of Washington projecting about 386,000 dead by Feb. 1. A vaccine is unlikely to become widely available until mid 2021. The seven day rolling average for daily new cases hit a record high on Sunday of 68,767, according to Johns Hopkins, eclipsing the previous mark of 67,293, set in mid July. The U.

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But, you know what?My SUBJECT MATTER hasnt changed all that much. The NATIVES are different. Driving home from vacation, my wife looks over and asks me, Who was that texting you? Oh, it was Ben. The tech guy at school?!Whats he want? No!Its one of my students!Whadhewant? Hes giving me a heads up on the HEADSETS we need in the iMAC MUSIC TECH LAB. I texted back Whats the model?reply: zxoidvwef How much do they cost? reply: in about 1 minute b/c he is at home searching online. reply: $40 each.

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I admire the dedication of these writers, and the supportive spirit of the community. I have learned so much as an editor of C Corner, and I look forward to learning more each and every day!In the year of 2012, I came to know about the communities and how people are helping each other in our professional world. I joined C corner, which was my first step towards community contribution. As you all know starting things are pretty much easy, continuing is not. There was no participations from my end for another two years, I got buried in my office works. In the year of 2014, I logged in to C corner again and started contributing community. There I received a much warm welcome from all the C corner family members. I really appreciate that. Many thanks to C corner. And from 2014, I was in the monthly winners list of C corner several times, and my articles were selected in Asp. Net as article of the day.

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