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TURIN, ITALY: In the early hours of the morning today, fire ravaged the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the adjoining Guarini Chapel, where the Shroud of Turin has been kept since 1578. According to news reports, the Shroud was saved by the heroic efforts of firemen, who dared the flames and used large hammers to break the bulletproof glass protecting the silver casket in which the cloth is stored, then rushed it, unharmed, to safety outside the Cathedral. The cloth has been temporarily taken to an undisclosed site for safekeeping, while the damages to the Cathedral and Chapel are assessed. No immediate cause was given for the fire and no estimates of the damages have yet been made, although reports say that both the Cathedral and Chapel were severely damaged. The 17th century Cathedral was the planned site for the upcoming 1998 and 2000 exhibitions and was being renovated for the events. It is impossible to speculate what effect the fire will have on these plans at this time. I hope to have detailed, accurate information directly from Turin in the next 24 to 48 hours and will make it immediately available on this website. In the interim, we must commend the courage of the firefighters who risked their lives to save the controversial relic from almost certain destruction. It seems that we have witnessed another critical moment in Shroud history. For more detailed information about the Chapel and an overview of its unique and fascinating history, read the article by Emanuela Marinelli titled, "The Shroud Chapel Is 300 Years Old" on the "Collegamento pro Sindone" page of this website, which includes a color photograph of the interior.

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In 1894 6,289 Jews did not report for the draft, that is, 13. 6%. Compare this to the Russian average of 2. 6%. However, the same document on the 1894 draft states that in total, 873,143 Christians, 45,801 Jews, 27,424 Mohammedans, and 1,311 Pagans were to be drafted. These are striking figures in Russia, there were 8.

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Many diverse types of bodies are now described as being NGOs. There is no generally accepted definition of an NGO and the term carries different connotations in different circumstances. Nevertheless, there are some fundamental features. Clearly an NGO must be independent from the direct control of any government. In addition, there are three other generally accepted characteristics that exclude particular types of bodies from consideration. An NGO will not be constituted as a political party; it will be non profit making and it will be not be a criminal group, in particular it will be non violent. These characteristics apply in general usage, because they match the conditions for recognition by the United Nations. The boundaries can sometimes be blurred: some NGOs may in practice be closely identified with a political party; many NGOs generate income from commercial activities, notably consultancy contracts or sales of publications; and a small number of NGOs may be associated with violent political protests. Nevertheless, an NGO is never constituted as a government bureaucracy, a party, a company, a criminal organization or a guerrilla group. Thus, for this article, an NGO is defined as an independent voluntary association of people acting together on a continuous basis, for some common purpose, other than achieving government office, making money or illegal activities. This basic approach will be elaborated and modified below.

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Being more careful in rough or public areas, especially in the evening and at night, is sound travel advice regardless of where you are. In general, Ecuador does not require any precautions beyond what is commonly recommended when traveling. Guayaquil has a reputation of having a few rough areas. If youre visiting this city, you would do well to consult with a few locals try security guards and shop owners so that you can steer clear of them. Realistically, this isnt a bad idea for any city. Ask around and people will be happy to help you, especially if youre friendly to them.

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The use of digital multimedia in language learning is much effective. Apart from increasing the access to learning, multimedia creates stronger memory links than learning through text. As they are associated with video, images, sound as well as text, they are more engaging to senses simulating better learning and education. Facilities such as instant playback, recoding, repetition, quick and easy access offers a superior quality of learning. Internet has been substantial in language learning. The real life videos such as news, documentaries and reports help to grasp a language more easily to be used practically. In addition, newsletter, magazine and online articles provide massive materials for learning any language. Internet is also imperative to connect learners to actual speakers of the language. They can communicate real time with persons from other part of the world who speak the language as their mother tongue. Emails, chat rooms, social networks and other platforms offer extensive amenities to learners to connect with real life persons. Although technology is imperative in language learning, it cannot replace the human touch.

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