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Of course theres all the usualadministrative work such as making sure all the artists are contracted, bookingthe studios, making the travel arrangements, typing the camera scripts,ordering slides and captions, checking all the names on the closing roller, butmost important of all is the studio work. The PA sitsnext to the Director in the gallery, looking at anything up to a dozentelevision screens one for each camera, others for film, video and so on, andthe most important of all which is studio output or what the viewer sees. And whilethe Director is watching the overall picture, its the PA who calls the shots telling the camera men and floor manager what the viewer is seeing on thescreen and lining up the next picture. All the cameras have numbers so youaddress the cameramen by their numbers. camera one, two etc. That soundspretty simple but what you have to remember is that while the PA is calling theshots on a live programme all hell is breaking loose!Id gotpretty used to this by the time I came to work on a programme which is verymuch a part of television history JukeBox Jury. Do youremember that, with David Jacobs and Hello there. Tell us panel is it a Hitor a Miss? I was the PA on that for quite a while at a time when the serieswas used as a training ground for new young Directors. As the resident PA, I hadto hold their hand while they got their first experience of a real, liveprogramme. It was pretty hairy at times, I can tell you!Through Juke Box Jury I met all sorts and Iparticularly remember one fresh faced youth who came to the BBC straight from universitywith a degree in biology. I took him through the rudiments of directing theshow and we became firm friends.

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C. Besides, In order that this information about the Great Pyramid, result of his personal crusade of 4 decades investigations and research studies and investigations, be recognized by scholars of different sciences, Laboy prepared three presentation videos, about 45 minutes each, and uploaded them in youtube. com where all interested; Egyptology scholars, Universities, journals, students, or the world Press, could view, download and review them as they wishes. They show the entire geometric procedure to design the dimensionless plan of the model pyramid, and an ample and detailed comparison, section by section, between his calculated dimensions, and those which have been measured at the Great Pyramid's structure. His two Report books, available for those interested, are described in this web site. To prove his geometric design method, Laboy applied it to design the pyramids of Chephren, Micerinus, the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid, also shown in his report books. Something of special interest, he found that the "bent shape" of the Bent Pyramid is not a product of a faulty design or construction, but it was designed in that way. The Bent Pyramid's design is composed of the superposition of two different pyramid's models. Each model was designed including its individual entrance and their descending passages. All this information was sent by the author, two years ago, to the corresponding Egyptian Authorities in Egypt, for their evaluation and presentation to the Egyptology world. However, no response was received from Egypt.

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Massive wildfires in Canadas oil sands area, an unexpected drop in U. S. crude oil inventory and geopolitical issues in Nigeria and Libya sent crude oil prices surging this week. But dont expect it to last. Experts say all of this will likely translate into higher prices at the gas pump and gains in oil related stocks but only in the short term. Its unlikely these events will make a permanent and significant dent in the worlds massive oil supply glut thats caused oil prices to plunge since 2014.

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These types of changes can result in shock. This is because, while plants cannot think or respond to changes in their environments the way we can, they can sense changes, such as different lighting conditions. Since a plant cannot tell if a change may threaten its health, it will often stop growing, go limp, and possibly drop leaves as a result. These signs mean that the plant is focusing attention on the health of its roots, which are the most essential part of its body. This is important to know because if you are going to be transplanting Money Trees into a new container to braid them, or if they get a bit too jostled in the braiding process, they may appear sickly for a couple of weeks. This is perfectly normal. Dont make the mistake of overwatering or using excessive fertilizer that will only make the plants health worse. If the yellowing or limpness continues for an extended time, however, you may need to check for other explanations, like overwatering. For more information on watering Money Trees, you can read this article. But, if no other issues are present, with patience and proper care, your Money Tree should start to look healthy again in no time. To braid the stem of several Money Trees together, youll need to start with young saplings.

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