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In May 1970, a state commission in Mississippi voted to not air the show on the states newly launched public TV network: the people of Mississippi, said some legislators, were not yet ready to see a show with such an interracial cast. The state commission reversed its decision after the originally secret vote made national news though it took 22 days to decide to do so. Sesame Street would go on to become the most successful childrens show of all time. Over time, though, the radical mental health agenda fueling its creation was largely forgotten. Later critics would instead increasingly suggest that the show, as a straightforward experiment in early education, benefited white middle income children more than its primary target audience of disadvantaged minorities, and in that sense had arguably partly misfired. Chester Pierce, however, never lost sight of the hidden curriculum that, for him, had always been at the heart of Sesame Street. Early childhood specialists, he reflected in 1972, have a staggering responsibility in producing planetary citizens whose geographic and intellectual provinces are as limitless as their all embracing humanity. What mattered most about Sesame Street was not the alphabet songs, the counting games or the funny puppets. What mattered most was its vision of an integrated society where everyone was a friend and treated with respect. The program had originally been a radical experiment in the use of mass media to give the youngest generation of Americans their first experience of what Martin Luther King Jr. had famously called the Beloved Community: one based on justice, equal opportunity and positive regard for ones fellow human beings, regardless of race, color or creed.

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I panic about what Im going to read every single time, god knows why. Though Ive read enough that now I trust the work and have learned that no matter how up and disgusting I feel, if I show up the work will carry itself. Maybe sometimes not. So its important to read everywhere you can, I think. My default mode before readings is to fall back on proven crowd pleasers, but the young Feminist Press girls have been stern, demanding that I read something different. Theyre always right, which keeps the work alive for me; these kids are way smarter than I am in many ways, it keeps me humble and inspired. For the record, I loathe QandA; from the audience afterwards, whether Im in the audience or onstage. As far as I can tell you hardly ever learn anything interesting and personally I just go blank. For the same reason I prefer interviews where I can respond in print, because then I can really give considered answers and actually express things that reflect my years of thinking about writing and how it works and that I do think its important to talk about. Sometimes panels are great, too, if youre with the right people you can really riff and play off one another. Other times they make you want to die.

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This is why that most of these types of products you will get service from a local subcontracted repairer on branded products and, often they dont much care for them, the brand or the retailer. You may be thinking, Woah, what, they dont care but they get paid to do that work. Dont worry, commercial clients dont get this either. Sure, they do get paid to repair them but what allegiance have they got to the brand, what allegiance will the brand show them?That service call on your Live Better machine is one or two calls a month maybe, why should the repairers give a monkey about it?How much effort are they going to put in to come to your home, drag a machine out, work out whats wrong, fix it or order parts and come back and repeat that for about a 40 60 flat fee?Lets just leave it at, dont expect stellar levels of service because you probably wont get that. Then you have the issue of technical support, which usually will be non existent for a brand like this and the cherry on top being spare parts, the bit we see all day long. Okay, heres the bit we know an awful lot about, probably more than most even other proper parts suppliers, not those that play at it and we really could write a book here but, well keep it as brief as we can. It is not even remotely uncommon for some idiot in a retailer or whatever to order up machines from a factory and not to bother to get any spare parts at all or any information on them or to even secure a supply route to spare parts. We say idiot because if they do this, that is exactly what they are, idiots. They havent done their job properly and should be fired. How do you support the machines even in warranty if you do not have any parts or any way to get parts?How do you explain to your customers that they either wont be getting a machine repaired or that they may have to wait weeks or even months for a part?When they do this, for us, it just shows either how stupid they are or how much they dont care about their customers. It is idiocy.

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By Lady Sabrina. St. Paul, Minnesota, Llewellyn, Publications, 1992. 332 pages. ISBN: 0875421660. VSCL. This is a valuable collection of information, poetry, rituals, songs, and craft activities for NeoPagans. Divine Incantations to the Protective Gods of the Five Directions. From the Taoist encyclopedia, Secret Essentials of the Most High, 574 CE. Translated by Livia Kohn. Casting the Circle Taoist Style.

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The previous example could be written this way with PEG. As you can see, this is the most obvious way a programmer would write it, with character classes and regular expression operators. The only anomalies are the alternative operator / and the arrow character, and in fact many implementation of PEG use the equals character. The pragmatic approach is the foundation of the PEG formalism: it was created to describe more naturally programming languages. That is because context free grammar has its origin in the work to describe natural languages. In theory, CFG is a generative grammar, while PEG an analytic grammar. The first should be a sort of recipe to generate only the valid sentences in the language described by the grammar. It does not have to be related to the parsing algorithm. Instead the second kind define directly the structure and semantics of a parser for that language. The practical implications of this theoretical difference are limited: PEG is more closely associated to the packrat algorithm, but that is basically it. For instance, generally PEG packrat does not permits left recursion.

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