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Furthermore, according to Kohlberg, not only formal curriculum but also the hidden curriculum is effective in providing a ground for the moral development of students and conveying moral education through formal curricula in the form of courses is not sufficient Yuksel, S. , 2005. These morals that were developed are essential to our life because it will determine who we are and what will we become especially when were already in our respective workplace. These morals could bring us to our success and even to our downfall. How is that?Lets give Kohlbergs stages of moral development an importance. From the first to the last stage, he gave emphasis on the obedience to the authority figures, interpersonal relationship, and understanding morality of having democratically established laws, respectively. By these ideas, we may use it on how we will act in the workplace such as obeying or not the authority figures based on what we know is right or wrong, establishing interpersonal relationship to our colleagues to promote harmony with them, and following a law that we recognized as morally and democratically established to avoid any legal complications. ReferenceYuksel, S. 2005. Kohlberg and Hidden Curriculum in Moral Education: An Opportunity for Students Acquisition of Moral Values in the New Turkish Primary Education Curriculum. Educational Sciences: Theory and Practice, Volume 5, Issue 2, 329 338.

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They are especially frequent as factors in outbreaks of previously unrecognized diseases with high case fatality rates, which often turn out to be zoonotic introductions. Ecological factors usually precipitate emergence by placing people in contact with a natural reservoir or host for an infection hitherto unfamiliar but usually already present often a zoonotic or arthropod borne infection, either by increasing proximity or, often, also by changing conditions so as to favor an increased population of the microbe or its natural host 2,4. The emergence of Lyme disease in the United States and Europe was probably due largely to reforestation 14, which increased the population of deer and the deer tick, the vector of Lyme disease. The movement of people into these areas placed a larger population in close proximity to the vector. Agricultural development, one of the most common ways in which people alter and interpose themselves into the environment, is often a factor Table 2. Hantaan virus, the cause of Korean hemorrhagic fever, causes over 100,000 cases a year in China and has been known in Asia for centuries. The virus is a natural infection of the field mouse Apodemus agrarius. The rodent flourishes in rice fields; people usually contract the disease during the rice harvest from contact with infected rodents. Junin virus, the cause of Argentine hemorrhagic fever, is an unrelated virus with a history remarkably similar to that of Hantaan virus. Conversion of grassland to maize cultivation favored a rodent that was the natural host for this virus, and human cases increased in proportion with expansion of maize agriculture 15. Other examples, in addition to those already known 2,15, are likely to appear as new areas are placed under cultivation.

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